School of Music Alumni

Ithaca College School of Music graduates work in almost every music and music-related field imaginable. They pursue careers in professional performance, teaching, arts administration, music merchandising, instrument repair and manufacturing, music publishing, sound recording, and the entertainment industry.

Many of our alumni are actively involved with the School of Music and serve as valuable sources for career opportunities. Students receive regular career guidance and assistance with career planning through the faculty, the Office of Career Services, and through the Career Orientation seminar, a required course for all music degree students.

The Career Orientation seminar is designed to expose students early to all possible career options in music and music-related professions, and our alumni play a key role in advising students via regular guest lectures in this seminar. Students learn firsthand what tools they will need and the steps they will need to take to reach their professional goals.

Additionally, our alumni are often instrumental in obtaining internships and other key experiences for our students. As a result, our graduates achieve an exceptional level of career success in the music field.

Whatever their path, all Ithaca music graduates have a common bond: they are serious musicians who evolved into versatile professionals within Ithaca's supportive, distinctive community.