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This website has been created as a place to showcase our Web portal for the campus community, myHome at Ithaca.

We have included background information about the project and its origins, screenshots and video tutorials, and other information about the portal. We realize that some of the information here is also contained within the myHome portal environment, but as such it was only available to our faculty, staff and students. This site allows others to learn more about myHome without having to log into the actual portal. We hope you find it useful.


Starting in the summer of 2007 Ithaca College embarked on a project to build a Web portal infrastructure for the campus community from scratch. The result is a “Web 2.0” portal environment that bridges a person’s on-campus and off-campus worlds, provides for one-click access to campus resources and information, allows for the community to create portlets and publish portlet collections, and for the community to connect with one another through social networking tools.

The myHome portal provides faculty, staff and students with easier access to college and personal Web resources. With myHome, people can sign in once, and access their Webmail, Oracle Calendar, Intercom, WebCT/Blackboard and many other services all without having to log in multiple times. myHome users can also access these features through the myHome Mobile interface.

The myHome Web portal provides a framework for us to bring much more customizable information and easier Web access to campus services for our community. Over time more and more departments will provide access to their information via their own myHome portlets and tabs, as HR, the library, and dining services already have. Even now, there is a great library of portlets and content available to get started, and over time, we expect the services and resources to grow substantially.

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