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By now most of you have probably logged in and had the opportunity to experience the great new stuff in myHome 2.0. Just watching the activity in myHome Community over the past 24 hours makes me feel that all of IC is in for something special.

Over 2,000 students moved from IC Peers yesterday, along with 8,000 other students, faculty, and staff members new to the myHome Community. Since 11am Monday, hundreds of you have updated your status, uploaded a photo, and filled out your profile -- the forums are slowly coming alive and people are voting on some pretty crazy polls. You guys are participating and I couldn't be more excited! What's even more promising is what the future might hold for the myHome Community. We've built a great social platform and the possibilities of what it ultimately could be seem limitless.

I just wanted to give myHome Mobile another quick shout out. If you haven't had the opportunity, visit on your mobile phone to access the new myHome Mobile interface. From there, you'll have access to the IC Message Center and your tabs and portlets. And let me tell you: as a staff member, having Oracle Calendar on my phone by way of myHome Mobile has been priceless.

Please, please, please feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions. We're always listening and are anxious to know what you think.

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While the myHome Blog has been idle for the past few months, we've been busy preparing the next version of myHome. Around the time everyone is back on campus, myHome 2.0 will launch with some great new features including the myHome Community and mobile access.

myHome Community

myHome Preview Screenshots
Integrated within myHome itself will be the new myHome Community, bringing every student, faculty member, and staff member together online for the first time. By providing a place for you to make connections, meet new people, and have active discussions, you can foster relationships on campus that never would have been possible before.

At launch you'll be able to make friends, post status updates, create and participate in polls, and post in forums. While we recognize the similarities to other social networks, myHome Community will allow for a central location to foster those relationships just within the IC community that might not make sense on another social network.

myHome Mobile

Ever need to access your Oracle Calendar schedule on the go, or do a quick directory search for your professor's office? myHome Mobile will bring the myHome experience to your very own smartphone. You'll be able to browse your portlets and tabs, read the IC Message Center, and set up "Favorite" portlets -- a feature only available to mobile users that provides front-page shortcuts to your favorite portlets.

We're very excited about these new features and can't wait to have all of you try them out. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we'll see you all back on campus soon!

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The myHome Team would like to officially announce the release of myHome version 1.2.

We've listened to your feedback, and some much requested portlet additions and changes make this release a must see. The modified IC Mail portlet, for example, now lets you quickly view email messages by clicking on them--a much requested feature--in addition to some nice aesthetic changes.

Our first community portlets have finally arrived! Please welcome the Dining Services: Hours and Library: Databases portlets by adding them to one of your myHome tabs. Keep the Dining Services location hours close at hand with the Dining Services: Hours portlet, and access the Library's top databases by subject with one-click, no-login availability.

Adding the new community portlets is easy.  Access the "Add Content" panel by clicking the "Add Content" button in the dark gray bar at the top of myHome. The new portlets are mixed with others by default, but by clicking the "Community" toggle, you can see the new community portlets on their own. Finally, drag one of the icons down to the desired location on one of your tabs and the portlet will automatically be added.

We're so proud of this release and are anxious to hear your reactions. Keep the feedback rolling in with The myHome Portlet on your "Home" tab.

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We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, and productive winter break.  The myHome team took some time off to recoup, but for the past few weeks we've been busy readying the next myHome update.

Some new portlets are coming down the pipeline, including our first Community portlets.  The Library and Dining Services are starting us off with the upcoming release of two new portlets: Library Database and Dining Services Hours.  First, the Library Database portlet will provide no-login access to the top databases per subject as well as contact information for that subject's Library liaison. And second, the Dining Services Hours portlet will display the general hours for Dining Services locations around campus.

We're very excited to have these first few Community members on board and can't wait to get the rest of campus involved.  Around the time these new portlets are released, a new Web Profile Manager module will be made available to most departments, allowing users to create new myHome portlets and tabs. More details coming soon.

Finally, there's a rumor going around there might even be a TCAT portlet coming online in the near future.

Good luck with the beginning of this new semester!

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  • That 'Remember Me' option on the login page hasn't been working for many of you.  We finally nailed down the problem and were able to publish a fix this morning.  Thanks again to all of you that sent in bug reports!
  • You'll notice a beautiful new 'Fuse' portlet in the portlet library.  Keep yourself updated on Ithaca's academic programs, people, and a campus life with the latest articles from this student-written publication.
  • Community portlets are coming so so soon.  We're in the process of meeting with a few departments from across campus that will begin to create the first few portlets.

Hope you're enjoying the latest release!

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