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I’m Dave Weil, the director of Web, Systems and Department Services, and one of the people behind the myHome portal project. 

The concept for a Web portal for students, faculty and staff had been batted around for a number of years, and it is great to see the vision finally come to be in the form of myHome at Ithaca. 

And people seem to like what we’ve developed.

While we’re working on an official statistics Web site where you will be able to view current usage information for myHome, I wanted to share some initial statistics here.

  • Since mid September over 2,668 students and 431 faculty & staff have used myHome.   
  • The daily use numbers are amazingly consistent, with about 1,200 students and 200 faculty & staff signing on each week day. 
  • 53% of the users sign on from ResNet, 16% from off campus, 14% from a computer lab, another 14% from an office or elsewhere on campus, and 3% via our wireless network. 
  • On average a person signs into myHome 2.5 times per day.  The peak login time is the noon hour, although people have signed into myHome at all hours of the day and night. Literally.  Makes me wonder if the people who sign in at 4:30am are ending their day by checking myHome or just starting it? 

For a new optional service these first month adoption rates look good.  There is no question that there is a significant number of people who have made myHome their  web home.  But, I’m interested in hearing from you about suggestions on how we can spread the word even more, and make improvements to get more of our campus population using this new resource.   

Any ideas? 

Post comments using the comments link above, or send an email to the project team ( or directly to me (  We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  And thanks for using myHome!



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