Welcome to myHome 2.0

Posted by Matthew Modrowski on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

By now most of you have probably logged in and had the opportunity to experience the great new stuff in myHome 2.0. Just watching the activity in myHome Community over the past 24 hours makes me feel that all of IC is in for something special.

Over 2,000 students moved from IC Peers yesterday, along with 8,000 other students, faculty, and staff members new to the myHome Community. Since 11am Monday, hundreds of you have updated your status, uploaded a photo, and filled out your profile -- the forums are slowly coming alive and people are voting on some pretty crazy polls. You guys are participating and I couldn't be more excited! What's even more promising is what the future might hold for the myHome Community. We've built a great social platform and the possibilities of what it ultimately could be seem limitless.

I just wanted to give myHome Mobile another quick shout out. If you haven't had the opportunity, visit http://myhome.ithaca.edu on your mobile phone to access the new myHome Mobile interface. From there, you'll have access to the IC Message Center and your tabs and portlets. And let me tell you: as a staff member, having Oracle Calendar on my phone by way of myHome Mobile has been priceless.

Please, please, please feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions. We're always listening and are anxious to know what you think.