Getting Started with myHome

The myHome at Ithaca portal is a customizable web resource that brings online elements from Ithaca College and the rest of the Web into one centralized location. Through tabs and portlets, you can display the content that's important to you--from email to news feeds--as well as gain easy access to the various web services provided by Ithaca College.


You can think of tabs as unique customizable pages, each with its own layout, settings, and portlets.

Don't like the default tab setup we've provided you? You can rename or delete tabs by clicking on the gray triangle on the active tab to display the tab setting menu, or you can add a new tab by way of the Add Content panel.

Tabs can even be rearranged by clicking and dragging on a tab in the tab bar, and dropping it in a new location.


Portlets are the mini applications that appear on each tab. Many portlets offer settings that influence the way the portlet functions, like the URL of an RSS feed or the location of a photo. To modify these settings, you click on the wrench icon in the portlet title bar. In addition, every portlet offers Preferences that allows you to change the color of the portlet itself.

Portlets can easily be rearranged on your screen be clicking and dragging on the portlet title bar. If a portlet seems to be taking up too much space, but you still want it to reside on the tab, you can click the triangle at the left in the portlet title bar to minimize the portlet. Clicking again will expand the portlet to its full size.

To remove a portlet, click the 'X' in the portlet title bar.

Adding Content

Adding new tabs or portlets to your home is easy. To show the Add Content panel, click the 'Add Content' link in the upper left corner of your screen. You can navigate through the resulting library by clicking on 'Portlets' or 'Tabs', depending on the content you're looking for, and then browsing through the displayed categories.

Adding content is as simple as dragging. To add a portlet, click and drag on the portlet icon in the Add Content panel and place it in the desired location on your page. To add a tab, click and drag on the tab icon in the Add Content panel and place it in the desired location on the tab bar.

Accessing Services

At the right side of the tab bar are service tabs. These will give direct access to web-based versions of email, calendering, and the community. In addition, a help tab provides access to much of this site's content and tutorials, and a "Settings" tab allows a user to control their community privacy, their email password, directory preferences, emergency notification information, and more.

Screenshot of the Intercom Portlet in myHome