Release Notes

Version 2.1 Release Notes (4/1/2010)


  • It is now possible to bookmark or share the web address (URL) from any place within myHome (including within community). If you attempt to visit that URL when you are no logged in, you will be prompted to login first, and then will be directed to your original destination.

myHome Community

  • The community has been completely redesigned to increase usability, better integrate with the visual look of myHome, and to generally look very cool.
  • Introduced the "Groups" module allowing anyone in the community to create a group allowing for document sharing, discussion, and collaboaration. Groups have various levels of privacy control from hidden and invite only, to completely open to the community.
  • Introduced the "Opportunities" module -- a classifieds-like tool for the campus community to find others interested in collaboration, volunteering, or ride-sharing.
  • Introduced the "Showcase" module -- a college-wide project portfolio that anyone can contribute to, linking together the collaborators from across campus, and showing the amazing things happening at IC across the whole institution.
  • Added an "Area of Expertise" section to personal profiles, allowing users to declare areas in which they would be open to collaborating, and added some additional tools including a "tag cloud"-like presentation of all expertise for a broad view of the population at a glance.
  • "Tag Cloud"-like views were added to most profile fields when using the advanced search functions under "People" -- click on "View Popular."


  • A number of new portlets were added to reflect the new community features, allowing users to include relevant community content (like group updates) to wherever they would like in the portal.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes including one that caused certain portlets like the Oracle Calendar portlet to fail loading, and one that prevented some blackberry users from being able to click the login button.

Version 2.0 Release Notes (8/24/09)


  • myHome Community Integration
    • Users can access the myHome Community via the new Community service tab.
    • Users will see a new Community Notifications portlet appear below the Intercom portlet if myHome Community notifications are pending.
    • Users can update their status for the myHome Community from the myHome header
  • Portlets
    • Redesigned Today portlet
    • The Oracle Calendar portlet refreshes to the last-visited date
    • The IC Search portlet now returns all results for the directory search
  • Other Changes
    • The Webmail service tab can now contain a status/alert message
    • The user greeting has been removed from the header
    • The 'Sign Out' link has been relocated
    • The 'Add Content' bar becomes disabled when viewing a non-customizable tab
    • Bug Fix: 'Add Content' only loads when activated

myHome Community

  • First release of myHome Community
  • Modules include Profiles, Status Updates, Forum, Photo Albums, and Polls

myHome Mobile

  • First release of myHome Mobile
  • Users can access myHome at Ithaca from any web-enabled mobile smartphone
  • Smartphones like the iPhone and Palm Pre provide a visually richer browsing experience.
  • Those users browsing from other devices will experience the following restrictions:
    • The following portlets are disabled: Footprints, My Photo, PacMan, IMAP, Library Databases
    • The following portlets will link to the corresponding external mobile site: Facebook, YouTube Search, Gmail, AOL Mail
    • The My List and My Links portlets are read-only.

Version 1.2 Release Notes (2/19/09)


  • IC Mail
    • Formerly known as IC Webmail
    • New portlet design
    • Click email message to display message in popup window.
  • The myHome Portlet
    • Reduced blog post display to most recent story.
    • Added "Portlet Updates" section with the three most recent portlet additions or updates.


  • Formerly known as "My Account"
  • E-mail Password Utility - Change your password, change your security questions, and change the password for a departmental or organizational e-mail that you manage.
  • Directory Preferences for Students - If you are a student, manage which personal information is revealed to the community and the public in the Ithaca College web directory.
  • "Emergency Notification" now known as "Emergency Notification Settings"

Quick Access Menu

  • Removed WebCT
  • Updated Blackboard


  • myHome Module
    • Manage tabs and portlets from within WPM.
    • Ability to add the myHome module to profiles on an as needed basis.

Version 1.1 Release Notes (October 2008)

New Portlets

  • President's Blog - Observations and insights of Ithaca President Tom Rochon.
  • My Slideshow - Beautifully display Media RSS feeds.
  • Digg - The top dugg stories from
  • The myHome Portlet - In addition to providing feedback, you can now keep tabs on the latest myHome Blog postings.

Portlet Updates

  • IC Search - Added the Office Directory to search results and dropdown details for directory results. It's now easier than ever to get a person's phone, email, and location on campus.
  • Oracle Calendar - New easier-to-read hover meeting details.
  • Today - Added all-day events and the new hover meeting details.
  • Message Center - Alerts are now color-coded based on their importance.
  • Ithaca Journal - This portlet has been rebranded to match the new appearance.
  • Webmail - A fix to return only Inbox messages.
  • IC Resources (all) - Added WebCT to the list of links.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education - Added statement to alert users that a paid registration is required to read linked stories.

Behind-the-scenes Improvements

A majority of the changes in this release took place behind the scenes. With the addition of portlet and tab development tools, we've changed the way these items are rendered. Also, speed improvements were made for RSS feeds and email.

Login Page

The login page has been reorganized, sporting a new IC Home link, message alert area, and modified myIthaca blurb. The "Remember my username" checkbox allows your computer to remember your username for as long as that box is checked. It will even conveniently jump your cursor to the password field!

Portlet and Tab Development

The 1.1 release marks the beginning of the portlet and tab development rollout for certain users on campus. We have provided the ability to both create and edit tabs, bringing ven more content to myHome from the campus community.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • New portlet options design

Version 1.0 Release Notes (8/11/08)

New Portlets

  • Facebook - Get the latest status updates on your Facebook friends, as well as a quick view of your notifications.
  • Oracle Calendar - For those with an Oracle Calendar account, this new portlet provides a quick view of the day's meetings, events, and notes.
  • Today - A convenient view of the date and time, your meetings, inbox, events, as well as the day's events on the Ithaca College calendar.
  • IC Search - Quickly search the Ithaca College directly and website in one location.
  • Ithaca Bombers News - The latest and greatest headlines from your Ithaca College Bombers.
  • Weather Satellite - Ithaca - A constantly updated image of the current satellite conditions over Ithaca, NY.
  • Web Search - Easily search using some of the web's most popular search engines.

Your Account Features

The 'Your Account' tab now allows you to customize your Directory and Emergency Notification preferences.

Redesigned Header

We reorganized and refreshed the myHome header, providing more intuitive access to the 'Add Content' panel and other features. While browsing the Add Content panel, you can now easily clear your search terms to see all of the provided portlets.

IC Message Center Enhancements

The IC Message Center will now include featured news story badges from the IC home page, Intercom Alerts, and Public Safety Alerts.

Blackboard Support

The Quick Access menu now offers single sign-on support for Blackboard.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use the keyboard to access the services tabs. Webmail (Alt+w), Calendar (Alt+c), Your Account (Alt+y), and Help (Alt+h)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Portlets now feature a sleeker appearance
  • The layout of portlet settings has been simplified and improved
  • "My Page" has been changed to "My Tab"
  • New default layout recommendations were selected for faculty, staff, and students
  • Two instructional videos were added to the "Help" section.

Bug Fixes

Based on your feedback and our testing, we've been able to make myHome a more stable and bug-free application.

Beta 2 Release Notes (May 2008)

Service Tabs / External Link Handling

You will notice at the top right that we have added service tabs. Most people will see ‘Webmail’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Your Account’, and ‘Help’. Each of these service tabs will open within myHome. All other links will pop a new window - this way you can rely on a much more consistent experience when accessing content outside of myHome.

Move Portlets Between Tabs

Ever have a portlet set up just the way you want but then decide you want it on a different tab? You are in luck. Now, you can drag a portlet to a different tab. Grab onto the portlet like you normally would to move it to a new location, and drag it onto the tab you want to be its new home. You can let go immediately, or if you hold it over the tab for a few seconds, it will automatically switch to the new tab allowing you to place it wherever you like.

Code Restructuring

Some major enhancements under the hood should provide a better, faster experience.

Browser Compatibility

One of the major benefits of the code restructuring is a nearly identical experience between Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

New “Add Content” Panel

The library of portlets has been redesigned to make it easier to find the portlets you are looking for. The panel now includes icon and detailed list views of the available portlets. Most exciting is the new dynamic search feature -- start typing something and the list of portlets will filter down in real-time to show you dynamic results.

Persistent Header

The myHome header that holds your tabs, the service tabs, and the "Quick Access" menu now shows at all times for quicker navigation.

Portlet Changes

  • ‘My List’ and ‘My Links’ portlets can now be reordered by drag and drop
  • We’ve added a “Footprints” portlet (Footprints is the ITS helpdesk system)
  • There are now separate portlets for “External IMAP Email Account” and “Gmail”

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use the keyboard to switch between tabs and to toggle the “add content” panel open and closed.

  • To change tabs: option/alt + 1, option/alt +2, etc. where the number is the tab order from left to right.
  • To toggle the add content panel: option/alt + a

Content Cleanup

We did some rearranging of the Quick Access menu’s links, and the IC Resources portlet to remove duplicate links and put them into more logical groupings.

Numerous bug fixes

We heard your feedback, and have squashed dozens of bugs