Faculty and Staff Sign-Up to Moderate Sessions

We will need more than 300 faculty and staff to help facilitate the Oral Presentation sessions. With more than 2500 participants anticipated, your involvement as a session moderator will ensure the success of this national conference.

Please sign up for sessions, indicating your availability and field of interest. You will receive an email from the Oral Sessions Committee with your assignment and more information prior to the conference. If you have questions, you may contact David Brown, Oral Sessions chair.

Further Information:

What is expected of the moderator?

Each oral session consists of four 20-minute talks, with 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Your role is to

  • Welcome everyone to the session as it starts
  • Introduce the speakers
  • Direct the question and answer session at the end of each presentation
  • Keep the session’s schedule on time

An Ithaca College student volunteer will be present to help keep time.

What is my time commitment going to be?

Each session runs for one hour and twenty minutes. We encourage you to sign up for more than one session, but appreciate your willingness to participate in any session. The sign-up form contains the days and times available.

How will I know my assignment?

You will receive an email from the Oral Sessions committee with your day, time and room. Further information about room logistics will also be provided.

Any other questions? Contact David Brown.