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If you want to mail your poster, you can go down to the Commons for shipping. We will not be shipping anything since our post office is closed. For questions please call 607-274-7905.

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I have some updates about the Ithaca Downtown excursion that is taking place today! Please meet behind the Park School of Communications around 12:15 and take the TCAT green route down to 120 East Green Street. Once you are dropped off, you will meet at Cinemapolis. Look for people with Ithaca is Gorges t-shirts for help! There will be volunteers at the shuttles to answer any questions and to check your name badge.

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We will be giving out prizes at the plenary session today, so not only are you going to hear an amazing speech, but you may win something for free!! Can't wait to see you there!

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It shouldn't be hard to get out of bed this morning! It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day! We look forward to seeing you around campus and if you need anything, please visit our Campus Center or call 607-274-7905... have a good time at breakfast:-)

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If you have not won a prize yet here is your chance! The first person that stops by the Solutions Station this morning and tells me their favorite thing about the Host Event Dinner and Concert last night wins something that is gorges...

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If any of you are wondering what the music note on your name tag means I have a solution for you! It means...that you purchased a ticket to the Host Event dinner and concert tonight, so no need to pick anything up. You are all set to go!

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Come visit us at the Solutions Station and tell us how much Ithaca rocks!:-D

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Solution Station has another giveaway...come over!

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The first four people that come to the Solutions Station right now will a win gift card to Downtown can use the gift cards on a number of different restaurants and shops so you better start running! Shop Dine Play!!!

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TWO PEOPLE just won free items by stopping by our Solutions Station and saying hello to our staff. If you want to be a winner keep checking our site. We will mention when we are giving out prizes. Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity!!!

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I will give you information on how you can if you visit the Solutions Station...please stop by for this FREE giveaway!

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Joanne won a football pillow!! Thanks for stopping by the Solutions Station! Everyone keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways!

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Our lost and found is in the Campus Center at the Information Desk. So far, I have a phone charger, camera lens cover, and a Sony laptop power adapter that are waiting for their owners. Stop by and pick up what you may have left behind!

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I'm still waiting for the first person to come say good morning to me! I will give you a prize if you visit the Solutions Station and mention the mobile site, so head on over here. I'm right by the registration area! Find me!

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I have a Nikon camera lens cover waiting at the Solutions Station. If anyone lost it, please come claim it!

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Hello everyone! TGIF! I hope you all got off to a good start this morning and are looking forward to presenting at NCUR today if you have not yet presented or you still have more to go! Please visit the Solutions Station first thing this morning to say hello and tell us you are following us on the mobile site. The first person to stop by wins a prize, so come on over!!!

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