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Trish Langenau

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My experience with NCUR began during my sophomore year here at Ithaca College, in a class on event planning, which was taught by Dave Prunty, the Director of Campus Center and Events Services. Two years later, I am now a senior, due to graduate in May 2011, and I never imagined NCUR would still be such an integral part of my college experience.


This past summer, it was Dave’s passion for the conference that motivated me to volunteer as the NCUR 2011 Social Media Team Leader. Being a student of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, I was excited to help bring NCUR into social media. The social media team decided to use Twitter and Facebook as our platforms for online communication.


It has been exciting to see the Facebook group being used as a true tool for the conference, with participants reaching out to one another for travel and lodging arrangements. We knew our Facebook was accepted when participants began posting questions to us through Facebook, rather than calling or using email.


NCUR also ventured into Twitter this year, tweeting about areas that are familiar to Ithaca College: sustainability, technology, and research. Social media truly allowed us to communicate how the values of Ithaca College have shaped this year’s conference.


Now that NCUR has come and gone, I feel that my experience with the conference has come full circle. I began as a student learning about the conference and its connections to my studies, I participated in the planning and dissemination of important messages, and now my group presented our research this past Friday during the conference.


My experience with NCUR has been beyond academic; it has become an opportunity for me to apply the skills I have learned at school in a professional setting and to reach out to other undergraduates. Much like my approaching graduation in May, after the four years of anticipation and association, it is hard to believe that my time with NCUR has concluded.


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Looking for something to do after the NCUR presentations end for the day? Here’s the skinny on everything happening in Ithaca during the NCUR conference weekend:


Ithaca College’s Center for LGBTA Education, Outreach & Services will be hosting a reception at NCUR for all LGBTA conference attendees and students at IC. This event will be hosted on Thursday, March 31st from 4:30-5:30 pm in the Klingenstein Lounge of the Campus Center. The reception will give conference attendees and IC students the chance to socialize and network in a comfortable setting with snacks and drinks provided. It will be a great opportunity to meet LGBTA individuals from all over the country! Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, an ally, or any other label, please come join us to celebrate diversity at NCUR!


“Set in England, ‘Coram Boy’ is a story of danger, excitement and passion that interweaves tales of a disinherited son, a young couple torn apart by an unwanted pregnancy, a villainous man who exploits the women of the aristocracy, and two boys in Coram’s Foundling Hospital.” For more information and background check out the Ithaca College Theater Department Website or the Coram Boy Facebook Page. Performance times are as follows:

Opening Night*: Thursday, March 31st at 8:00 pm
Friday, April 1st at 8:00 pm
Saturday, April  at 2:00 and 8:00** pm
Sunday, April 2nd at 2pm

* There will be an opening night reception after the performance where we invite you to have tea with the Ashbrooks and celebrate our opening.
**There will be a talk back after this performance regarding the music and the history of Handel

Tickets range from $5.50 to $11.00 and can be purchased by visiting the Ithaca College Theatre Box Office in Dillingham Center between 12:00 and 5:00 pm, call (607) 273-4497 or visit!


The Ithaca College Student Activities Board is specially presenting six showings of the film Tron: Legacy before it even comes out on DVD! This film will be playing in the on campus lecture hall TEXTOR 102 and admission is only $2.00, the NCUR show times are as follows:

Thursday, March 31st at 8:00 pm
Friday, April 1st at 7:00 and 9:30 pm
Saturday, April 2nd at 7:00 and 9:30 pm
Sunday, April 3rd at 8:00 pm

Watch the Official Movie Trailer and check out the SAB Films Presents: TRON: Legacy Facebook Page for more information.


Come enjoy a walkable tour of up to 14 Downtown Ithaca Art Galleries and hot spots showcasing the work of local, national and international artists. From 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Friday, April 1st this FREE event is open to the public and all NCUR attendees. For more information check out the Gallery Night of Ithaca website.


There are still spots left for our last Saturday, April 2nd excursion! With an emphasis on shopping, dining and a good time, this excursion will immerse you in the sights and sounds of downtown Ithaca. The excursion includes the following special events:

  • Chocolate Reception sponsored by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance
  • Private film showing of TRUE GRIT at the Cinemapolis Theater. Sponsored by the Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF), this will be an opportunity to view an Academy Award Nominated independent film in Ithaca's downtown non-profit movie theater
  • Haunted History Tour sponsored by the History Center of Tompkins County

Tickets are just $25.00 and can be purchased at the On-Site Hospitality Center in the Campus Center Lobby once you get to campus!


Staying Saturday night? You’re in for a treat! At 7:00 pm on Saturday, April 2nd at the State Theatre of Ithaca on State Street, the most stellar a cappella groups from across the Northeast will gather for what is sure to be one heck of a show! The show features the vocal stylings of IC's very own Ithacapella and Premium Blend, the Cornell Chordials, the University of Delaware's Deltones, and Tuft's Jackson Jills, and the men of Overboard Vocals. Tickets are $5 with a valid NCUR pass, $7 with a student ID and $10 for general admission and can be purchased either at the door or by visiting The State Theater's website.

Check out the Acapellooza Facebook Group for more information.

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I hope by now you have bought your ticket for NCUR 2011's "One Night In Ithaca" Host Event! Unfortunately, registration for the event closed, but we are excited for those of you who did purchase tickets! We have put together a great event that combines many of the wonderful things about Ithaca College and Ithaca, NY.

Besides showcasing New York State's signature cuisine and Ithaca College students, this event has brought the many departments on campus together in collaboration. In order to put together such a large event, it required many different areas of campus to work side-by-side, using many of our unique areas of study. 

Many students and staff from the Department of Theatre Arts have worked with arranging stages, lights and important microphones, and really helped make our "theatre in the round" idea become a reality. Students from the Theatre Department will be performing, as well as students from the School of Music. Without these excellent students, our performance would not be possible. Additionally, the director of the School of Music and Theatre Department have worked with Conference and Events services to plan the agenda of the night, and to assure we effectively showcase our students.

To make our elaborate dinner possible, Conference and Event Services teamed up with Dining Services to make our dining options a reality.  To ensure all items were local and fresh, and included vegetarian and gluten free options, staff and faculty worked hard explore all options and provide the best food and atmosphere possible.

See you there!


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Me hanging out at a restaurant in Albany


Elijah Earl and Clayton Moser, two Ithaca College senior psychology majors will be presenting their research on Thursday, March 31 at Poster Session #2. Their presentation, “THE ROLE COUNTERFACTUALS PLAY IN JUDGMENTS OF DISEASE ONSET,” is based on two years of research where they examined the connection between how people tend to think when they are diagnosed with diabetes, and how their thoughts or outlook regarding the diagnosis affect how other people perceive and support them. Elijah explained that the research revolved around the concept of counterfactuals. Counterfactuals are thoughts produced by a victim after a negative event which express an alternative situation that are either evaluatively better or worse than the actual event.


An evaluatively BETTER COUNTERFACTUAL is called an “upwards counterfactual,” and typically expresses ways in which the negative event might have been avoided. Upwards counterfactuals are typically prefaced by an “if only” statement. For example, “If only I had exercised, visited my doctor, and watched what I ate, I would not have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes”.  An evaluatively WORSE COUNTERFACTUAL is called a “downwards counterfactual,” and typically expresses ways in which the negative event might have been worse. Downwards counterfactuals are typically prefaced by an “at least” statement. For example, “At least we caught my type 2 diabetes early, before I would have to lose limbs due to my disease.”


Elijah values his research experience because “the rise of type 2 diabetes is a big problem in America and will significantly affect the future of healthcare. The research process itself was also unique and educational, as I have been able to oversee a scientific study from conception to presentation, a rare experience in undergraduate research.”

To read their full abstract or to see when this presentation is being held, please visit:

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Local, Organic, Seasonal Foods

When you attend meals at NCUR you can expect to see local, organic and seasonal items on our menus.  Supporting local upstate New York farmers and food producers is important to us, especially when hosting such a large event.  The conference meals will be served in a buffet format, although you will be able to “grab and go” with select items. Vegetarian and vegan foods will be available, with gluten free meals upon request.  Information on each food will be provided, including nutritional facts to help you make informed food choices. 

We ask you to please be conscious of the food that you take at our buffet, although the meals are “all you can eat,” we encourage you to take all that you will eat, and come back for more if necessary.  In addition, be conscious of the packaged products you take, if you only need a napkin for your muffin; leave the paper plate for someone else. Any leftover, un-served food will be taken to a food pantry by the Stop Wasting Ithaca’s Food Today (SWIFT) student organization.  Creating as sustainable a conference as possible takes not just planning, but your support.  We thank you in advance for being conscious while you attend NCUR 2011.


Stephanie Piech

Ithaca Dining Services Sustainability Intern

For more information on Sustainability in Ithaca Dining go to:


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