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Hello NCUR followers!

Right now, the National Conference of Undergraduate Research 2011 has over 63 abstract topics, and counting! We even expect to add more to the list as we come closer to the end of the registration period.

Not only are there a lot of topics, the topics significantly vary, from biochemistry to sport management, from communications to astronomy, from dance to sustainability, from African American studies to nursing, including many MANY more.

One abstract, entitled "An Analysis and Presentation of Duke Ellington's 'Satin Doll,'"explains how jazz music is about the combination of a simple melody that has complex harmonies.

Another abstract, entitled "Fruity Pebbles, Fruit by the Foot, and Pop Tarts as a "Good Breakfast": Using Media Literacy to Help Young Children Make Sense of Nutritional Messages in TV Commercials" dives into how children need to think critically about TV commercials, especially those pertaining to nutrition.

Want to learn more about these awesome abstracts? Then register NOW for NCUR 2011!!

There definitely won't be a shortage of topics this year at NCUR. So I have a challenge for you, see how many topics you can learn about at NCUR this year! Can you do that?

Until next time....


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Get excited!

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Hey NCUR Participants,
I have taken a break from Ithaca College this semester and I am studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I'm having a great time here, but I sometimes think about all of you and how excited you must be to be arriving at Ithaca College for NCUR in a few short weeks. It feels like just yesterday we started planning for the conference.
I just wanted to remind you all again about the three fun and relaxing post-excursions we have for the conference. If you haven't signed up for one yet, I suggest that you do! You definitely won't regret it!

We invite you to take part in our Downtown Excursion where you will be able to shop, dine, and play! SHOP: Shop at our over 110 specialty shops and services. You can find clothing from Urban Outfitters to Evolution, record stores, books, souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, art galleries, craft stores, and so much more! Discounts will be given to a majority of our downtown stores! DINE: Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City! Dine in one of our 50 resturants. We have cuisine ranging from vegetarian, to Thai, to Indian, to American, Austrian, Mexican, Chinese, and Mediterranean. Ithaca is also filled with delis and cafes. For this excursion you will we receiving numerous discounts to all of our restaurants. PLAY: Ithaca is a center for live music and entertainment. We have the historic State Theater, Cinemapolis Movie Theater, and many other music, art, and theatrical venues. For this excursion, we have planned a documentary screening at Cinemapolis (Ithaca's non-profit independent arts cinema) and Ghost Tours! Oh wait, did I mention we would be having a chocolate reception? YUM

If you're interested in the environment, want to learn more about sustainability, or like hiking then this excursion screams your name.
Sign up for this excursion and get ready to see why Ithaca is "gorges." This excursion will be a bus tour around Ithaca with a few "hot spots" that focus on the environment and sustainability. You will take stops at Ithaca Falls, Cayuga Lake, Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, take a hike of Taughannock Falls, and eat at the EcoVillage. This excursion will be a learning experience, but a whole lot of fun. Plus, anything you learn you can bring back to your campus and make a large difference in our world.

The last excursion will give you a chance to let your creative side loose! Corning, NY is known for their glassmaking past, present, and innovative future. The Corning Museum of Glass holds the world's best collection of art and historical glass and features hands-on exhibit experiences that tell the story of the science and technology behind glass creations. In addition to the guided and interactive tour though the museum, participants have the chance to participate in a glassmaking activity where they will be sandblasting their choice from an assortment of glasses! For more information, check out their website!

Again, congratulations on getting accepted to the conference and good luck with your presentations! Make sure you sign up for one of the above excursions before time runs out!

Until Next Time,

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Student wearing NCUR 2011 t-shirt

Hey everyone!

Have you checked out the Extras page on the NCUR 2011 Official Website? 
Just log-in to your account at /ncur2011/ and continue to the Extras page.

One great cheap extra goodie you can get is a NCUR 2011 t-shirt!!

And great news! You can talk to your campus coordinator to cover the cost of extras, including t-shirts.


If a coordinator would like to cover the cost of Extras Store items, then he or she must buy those items under the name of a student or faculty member that will physically be at the conference.

We are ONLY handing out tickets or t-shirts to people that have made the purchase.

EX: If a campus coordinator or faculty member is registering students and would like to buy the t-shirts under that particular student's name, then he or she can, but again that student HAS TO BE the one to pick up the shirts. We won't be giving any extras to anyone unless they can prove the item(s) were purchased under their name.


So go talk to your coordinator or campus coordinator about the great extras we have on the NCUR 2011 website!


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You can’t spend a day on Ithaca College’s campus without hearing about sustainability.  Sustainability is a way of living that guarantees that future generations will have every opportunity and resource that we do.  It encompasses all areas, which makes a college campus the perfect place to engender these qualities, especially in students. Ithaca College regularly strides to reduce waste, energy and resources and promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We encourage faculty, staff, students and visitors to be conscious of their decisions the environmental and economic impact they may have. Ithaca College was awarded the Campus Sustainability Leadership Award from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2008.  We feel that NCUR is a perfect opportunity to spread our sustainable philosophy with our guests. 

When you come to Ithaca, look out for a leaflet in your program describing in full detail all of the sustainable aspects of NCUR.  You can come prepared by bringing a reusable mug and water bottle and respecting our recycling and composting stations.  Keep checking the planning blog for more detailed updates on all of the sustainable components of the conference.  See you there!


-Stephanie Piech



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Almost ready to come to Ithaca, NY?! I bet you are!!

Here is some helpful information while thinking about what to pack for your trip

The unofficial list of important things to bring to Ithaca:

  • Your NCUR presentation supplies and necessities
  • Suitcase for a long weekend
  • Clothes for warm AND cold weather*
  • Rain gear - umbrella, rain boots
  • Snow gear - jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, boots, ear muffs, ect.
  • Extra money for shopping and eating off-campus
  • Change for the TCAT bus to take you to Downtown Ithaca
  • Camera to capture all those wonderful NCUR moments
  • Traveling necessities (tickets, maps, food, ect.)
  • An open mind!

*Temperatures in March can vary from 50 degrees F to 30 degrees F, so packing can be tricky. Even though it is typically warming up by the end of March, it is still a good idea to pack clothes for cold weather, in case of rain or snow.

Happy packing!


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