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Posted by Heather Mueller at 11:45AM   |  Add a comment

Hey NCUR attendees, or POTENTIAL attendees!

When thinking about your topic for your proposal, don’t be afraid to research deeply embedded social issues or controversial topics!

We are looking for all different aspects of diversity with the proposals.  All LGBT and Allied Students, and non-LGBTA students interested in orientation and identity themes, should consider submitting proposals!  LGBTA issues are often not addressed in national conferences, so why not make this the year it does!

“Speaking on behalf of the executive committee, it would be a wonderful achievement for NCUR 2011 to be (in all respects) more inclusive than past conferences” –David Prunty

There is no need to feel intimidated about the submission process, and it’s easier than you think!

It is important to remember that all abstracts are evaluated based on their academic merit, so that is the single, overriding factor in what gets selected. At the same time, faculty who are making the selections will be trying to ensure a broad base of representation from various disciplines.

No one’s voice should be left unheard!


-Heather Mueller


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