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Posted by Lindsay Macala at 1:41PM   |  Add a comment
Cayuga Lake

Hello everyone,

I encourage all students (from wherever you may be in the world) to continue submitting abstracts. Ithaca College would like to see participation from every spectrum and so far we are pleased with our participation level. Also, I would like to send out a friendly reminder to those of you that have not submitted saying that once you have sent your abstract I will not be able to edit the piece of work any further. If you have made a mistake, please submit another abstract with the corrections.

Also, before you send your abstract it would be greatly appreciated if you could double check your work, especially the email addresses. I keep receiving error messages for incorrect emails and it can be as simple as missing a letter. I know that it can be over-looked for all of you speedy typers out there, but just take a few minutes to look over what you have done. I would be very grateful if you could be mindful of this.

Last of all, if you are working with a faculty sponsor on an abstract please make the necessary corrections before you submit. I would suggest having your sponsor review before submission because changes cannot be made, even if they are requested by your sponsor once the abstract has been received. Again, you will need to submit a second, corrected abstract.

Your abstract communicates the research you have done, but also the care that you put in to making it exceptional. Take your time, double check and the best of luck to all of you!


PS. Take a look at the picture of Cayuga Lake! Coming out to take a look at the scenery is just one of the many reasons to attend NCUR. There is so much to see! Start submitting!


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