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Posted by Elizabeth Kranz at 10:13PM   |  Add a comment

This year marks the fifth anniversary of me officially becoming part of the Ithaca College community. I graduated last year from IC with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management & Design and I decided to stick around for two additional years in order to get my Master’s degree in Communication Studies.

In the time that I have been part of the IC community I have held a wide variety of jobs on campus and been on number of diverse committees. Due to all the different positions I have held on campus I have gotten to work with people in nearly every department at IC at some random point. However, for the first time in my academic career I have the incredibly unique opportunity to work with all of those people simultaneously.

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research has been a catalyst for bringing the Ithaca College community even closer together. Just last week I was sitting in an NCUR planning meeting and I was in complete awe of how many departments were represented at the assembly. I knew nearly all of the faces in the room for one reason or another and it blew my mind to think that all of these individuals had to work together to make this huge event happen. I mean, how often are you going to see representatives from Public Safety and Catering in the same meeting?

Each department on campus is taking on unique tasks and none of them are more or less important than the rest. For an event the size of NCUR there is no possible way for one department to take care of everything and that is exactly why the Ithaca College community has come together to accomplish the task at hand.

While the day-to-day tasks of preparing for NCUR can sometimes seem scary and overwhelming it is reassuring for me to know everyone else on campus is working just as hard to make sure this event is a huge success.


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