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Trish Langenau

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My experience with NCUR began during my sophomore year here at Ithaca College, in a class on event planning, which was taught by Dave Prunty, the Director of Campus Center and Events Services. Two years later, I am now a senior, due to graduate in May 2011, and I never imagined NCUR would still be such an integral part of my college experience.


This past summer, it was Dave’s passion for the conference that motivated me to volunteer as the NCUR 2011 Social Media Team Leader. Being a student of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, I was excited to help bring NCUR into social media. The social media team decided to use Twitter and Facebook as our platforms for online communication.


It has been exciting to see the Facebook group being used as a true tool for the conference, with participants reaching out to one another for travel and lodging arrangements. We knew our Facebook was accepted when participants began posting questions to us through Facebook, rather than calling or using email.


NCUR also ventured into Twitter this year, tweeting about areas that are familiar to Ithaca College: sustainability, technology, and research. Social media truly allowed us to communicate how the values of Ithaca College have shaped this year’s conference.


Now that NCUR has come and gone, I feel that my experience with the conference has come full circle. I began as a student learning about the conference and its connections to my studies, I participated in the planning and dissemination of important messages, and now my group presented our research this past Friday during the conference.


My experience with NCUR has been beyond academic; it has become an opportunity for me to apply the skills I have learned at school in a professional setting and to reach out to other undergraduates. Much like my approaching graduation in May, after the four years of anticipation and association, it is hard to believe that my time with NCUR has concluded.



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