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You can’t spend a day on Ithaca College’s campus without hearing about sustainability.  Sustainability is a way of living that guarantees that future generations will have every opportunity and resource that we do.  It encompasses all areas, which makes a college campus the perfect place to engender these qualities, especially in students. Ithaca College regularly strides to reduce waste, energy and resources and promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We encourage faculty, staff, students and visitors to be conscious of their decisions the environmental and economic impact they may have. Ithaca College was awarded the Campus Sustainability Leadership Award from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2008.  We feel that NCUR is a perfect opportunity to spread our sustainable philosophy with our guests. 

When you come to Ithaca, look out for a leaflet in your program describing in full detail all of the sustainable aspects of NCUR.  You can come prepared by bringing a reusable mug and water bottle and respecting our recycling and composting stations.  Keep checking the planning blog for more detailed updates on all of the sustainable components of the conference.  See you there!


-Stephanie Piech




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