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LEED Certified Platinum Building: Park Business School

You might be hearing the buzz about the sustainability efforts being put forth for NCUR, but there are so many other aspects of the Ithaca College campus that you might see that are worth mentioning.

LEED Certified Platinum Buildings:
The Park School for Business and the Peggy Ryan Williams Center are both newly built buildings to achieve LEED certified Platinum. Go and check out the many energy saving, sustainable aspects of these buildings while you’re on campus. You will also notice construction on our new Athletics and Events Center, which will also be LEED certified.

CRT Stations:
During NCUR, we will be providing CRT stations around campus. CRT stands for Compost-Recycling-Trash. Ithaca College has an extensive recycling program, which includes composting all pre and post consumer food from the dining halls, and using all compostable serviceware in our retail locations.

What should you recycle?
Metal Cans
Glass Bottles (all colors)
#1-7 plastic bottles (the opening must be smaller than the base)
#5 plastic tubs (with the opening wider than the base)
Milk cartons and drink boxes

What can you compost?
All food scraps
Paper cups/plates
Compostable utensils
Sandwich wraps

For more information, visit /remp/
And look for CRT volunteers in green t-shirts at the conference

Bring your reusable mug to campus to get Spotted:
Bring your reusable mugs for coffee or tea at breakfast or to any retail location on campus and you may be spotted. Volunteers at the conference will be looking for mugs and handing out coupons for free coffee or tea to mug users. In addition, if you purchase a beverage in your mug at any retail location, you will receive $0.15 off of your purchase. If you don’t have a reusable mug, they can be purchased at the campus center food court. Using a mug rather than disposable cups will save the conference a significant amount of waste. Although our coffee cups are compostable, the more we can save, the better.
If you want to know more about sustainability, and what other people are doing, check out the “Sustainability Studies” category of NCUR!

-Stephanie Piech
Sustainability Intern, Ithaca Dining Services
For more information on Sustainable Dining at Ithaca go to:



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