Visual Arts/Gallery Presentations

For Visual Artwork, students will have three (3) linear feet of wall space or three (3) square feet of floor space and may display up to two pieces. (Larger pieces may be considered if space allows. Please contact Erika Fowler-Decatur to discuss submitting a larger work.)

Submissions must include the following and are due by the regular abstract submission deadline:
• Title, year, medium and dimensions (H x W for 2-D; H x W x D for 3-D)
• An artist's statement. The artist statement should address the artist's goals and focus for a work or body of work. It also often describes the technical methods used to create the piece.
• One to four images of the completed work or work in progress. Provide URL to high-resolution images or send jpeg, gif, or PDF to Images can be 72 dpi at roughly 5 x 7" proportions. In your e-mail, indicate artist(s), institution, and title of the corresponding submission.
• Identification of special equipment needed for exhibition of work, if any

Accepted Visual Arts submissions will be displayed in a special two-week gallery exhibition at the Handwerker Gallery from March 21 – April 2, 2011.

Students are responsible for the packing and shipment of their work to NCUR 2011 and any associated costs. Artwork must be shipped to arrive by March 4, 2011.

Students whose submissions are accepted must meet the following timetable for the exhibition:

February 21
Email a 75-word general artist statement and a quality digital image (JPEG or TIFF) of each work with a caption (artist, title, medium, date) to This information will form the basis of an exhibition catalog, so the work submitted must be the work included in the show and cannot be changed. Please be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number in the body of the email.

February 28
Edited/formatted statements emailed to students for copy approval. This copy will be sent to the email address you registered under for your NCUR 2011 submission, so please be sure to check that account.

March 2
Statement copy approval–4.00 p.m. deadline for changes.

March 4
Deadline for arrival of artwork, completed contract (which will have been previously emailed to you) and checklist (see below) of works to be exhibited at the Handwerker Gallery.

PLEASE NOTE: Two-dimensional work must be framed and ready to hang with picture wire or cleats. Artwork mounted with only sheet glass/Plexiglas and mirror hooks will not be accepted, and velcro or double-sided tape cannot be used on the gallery walls. Three-dimensional work must be stable and secure. The Gallery reserves the right to refuse any work that is not properly framed and ready to hang or that is unstable or otherwise dangerous. All work must be clean and free of dirt and pests.

Submit a checklist in both digital format via email and in hard copy attached to the contract. The checklist must contain the following information in the following specific format:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Date
  • Medium
  • Dimensions (unframed) in inches: H x W for 2-D work; H x W x D for 3-D work. (For irregular works, measure widest point.)
  • Insurance Value
  • Special Instructions. (Include installation images and instructions for installation pieces and multi-piece works. The Gallery has a very limited number of pedestals, so please indicate whether you will need one.)

Please do not deviate from the format listed above since labels will be created from this information.

March 9
Edited/formatted labels emailed to students for copy approval. Please read carefully and check that dimensions are listed in the correct format. This copy will be sent to the email address you registered under for your NCUR 2011 submission, so please be sure to check that account.

March 11
Label copy approval–4.00 p.m. deadline for changes. No changes can be made after 4.00 p.m., and work cannot be included in the show without a complete, correct label.

March 21
Exhibition opens

March 31
Artists’ Reception, 5.00–7.00 p.m.

April 2
Exhibition closes at 5.00 p.m. Artists may collect work from 5.00 - 6.00 p.m. on April 2 or from 12.00 – 4.00 p.m. on April 3. Works cannot be removed before the close of the exhibition.

Sample Checklist Entries:

Artist: Jessica Dallow
Title: Abstract Painting, Red
Date: 2006
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 42 1/2" x 60"
Insurance Value: $200.00

Artist: Jessica Dallow
Title: Untitled
Date: 2007
Medium: C-type print face mounted on Plexiglas
Dimensions: 16" x 20"
Insurance Value: $75.00
Special Instructions: This project was partially funded by James B. Pendleton Student Research and Production Grant from the Ithaca College Roy H. Park School of Communications.

Artist: Jessica Dallow
Title: Totem
Date: 2007
Medium: steel
Dimensions: 90" x 39" x 16 1/2"
Insurance Value: $800.00
Special Instructions: See picture for installation

Artist: Jessica Dallow
Title: Family Values
Date: 2006
Medium: lithograph
Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Insurance Value: $100.00

Artist: Brett Levine
Title: The Dog Ate My Homework
Date: 2007
Medium: stop-motion animation on DVD
Dimensions: 3:42 minutes
Insurance Value: $200.00