Classroom Technical Support

All presentation classrooms will contain the following equipment/software:

  • Windows computer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Office 2007 version
  • LCD projector
  • Internet connectivity
  • Program sound
  • CD/DVD players
  • Remember to bring your presentation information on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD!

Support for presenters will include:

  • All presentation computers will auto log-in.
  • Each morning the projectors and computers will be up and running in each presentation room.
  • Every presentation room will have a phone and a phone number posted to contact support for any technical assistance.
  • Technical support staff will be located in each building and will be wearing a special t-shirt for easy identification.

Students will be able to preview/test their presentations in rooms reserved for this purpose. These rooms are:

  • Park Center 114
  • Friends Hall 104 (for presentations in Friends and Dillingham)
  • Hill Center 53
  • Park Hall 277
  • Smiddy Hall 109 (for presentations in Smiddy and Center for Health Sciences)
  • Williams Hall 219 (for presentations in Williams and Center for Natural Sciences)
  • Whalen Center 3320