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Interested in Applying to First Look?

Applications are now open from August 10th and will close Friday September 4th at 5:00pm.

New Student & Transition Programs is excited to welcome all incoming first-generation college students to IC with our pre-orientation program: FIRST Look.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic FIRST Look 2020 has transitioned to be a six week virtual program intended to help our first-generation students transition successfully to the Ithaca College Community. 

First Look will consist of a virtual series of guest speakers sharing the resources of IC's campus with a first-gen lens. Participants will have the opportunities to connect with other first-gen students through their small group meetings & general workshop. 

The new dates of the program are September 9th, 2020-October 16th 2020.  

All new workshops will happen in the evenings to adjust to the new class schedules. 

Students who participate in FIRST Look will:

  1. Develop a personal success plan with goals centered on involvement, academics, wellness, and relationships.
  2. Build a foundational support network with peers and peer leaders.
  3. Form meaningful connections with faculty and staff mentors.
  4. Explore campus emphasizing classrooms & resources, to build self-confidence navigating a new home.
  5. Strengthen academic skills that will help in transition and throughout the first semester.
  6. Reflect on intersectional identities that impact the college experience.

Fall 2020 FIRST Look Schedule:

Curious about what you will participate in during FIRST Look? Check out our schedule from 2020 below!

Official Schedule 2020

Friday September 4th: Applications Due on Engage

Wednesday September 9th: 

Introductions and First-Gen Resources Review (7-8PM) 

Mary Holland-Bavis: Student Engagement (8-9PM) 

Monday September 14th:

Hierald Osorto: Wellness & Reflection (7-8PM)

PTA Q&A (8-9PM)

Wednesday Septemeber 16th: 

Samantha Elebiary: Time Management (6-7PM)

Student Org Fair! (7-8PM)

Monday September 21st:

Sterling Bacher: Academic Advising Center Overview  (7-8PM)

Developing a Personal Success Plan Part 1 (8-9PM)

Wednesday September 23rd:

Maria DiFrancesco: Engaging in Academics (7-8PM)

Developing a Personal Success Plan Part 2 (8-9PM)

Monday September 28th:

Tiffany Valentin: Office of State Grants - How to communicate with Loved ones about Your College Experience (7-8PM)

Discussing Imposter Syndrome (8-9PM)

Wednesday September 30th: 

Nancy Reynolds: Forming Healthy Habits (7-8PM) 

Virtual Game night (8-9PM)

Monday October 5th:

Dr. Jacqueline Winslow: Learning To Learn (7-8PM)


Wednesday October 7th:

Bill Kerry & Elyse Nepa: Office of Public Safety (7-8PM)

(8-9PM) TBD

Monday October 12th: First-Gen Student Org

Wednesday October 14th: Closing & Assessment (7-8PM)