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Interested in Applying to First Look?

Applications are now open from August 10th and will close Friday September 4th at 5:00pm.

New Student & Transition Programs is excited to welcome all incoming first-generation college students to IC with our pre-orientation program: FIRST Look.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic FIRST Look 2020 has transitioned to be a six week virtual program intended to help our first-generation students transition successfully to the Ithaca College Community. 

First Look will consist of a virtual series of guest speakers sharing the resources of IC's campus with a first-gen lens. Participants will have the opportunities to connect with other first-gen students through their small group meetings & general workshop. 

The new dates of the program are September 9th, 2020-October 16th 2020.  

All new workshops will happen in the evenings to adjust to the new class schedules. 

Students who participate in FIRST Look will:

  1. Develop a personal success plan with goals centered on involvement, academics, wellness, and relationships.
  2. Build a foundational support network with peers and peer leaders.
  3. Form meaningful connections with faculty and staff mentors.
  4. Explore campus emphasizing classrooms & resources, to build self-confidence navigating a new home.
  5. Strengthen academic skills that will help in transition and throughout the first semester.
  6. Reflect on intersectional identities that impact the college experience.

Sample FIRST Look Schedule:

Curious about what you will participate in during FIRST Look? Check out our sample schedule below!

Sample Schedule

Wednesday September 9th: Welcome & Peer Panel (7pm)

Friday September 11th: Small group meetings (TBD), First-Gen Faculty & Staff Panel (7pm)

Monday September 14th: Workshop: Normalizing Feelings of Transition (7pm)

Wednesday September 16th: Workshop- Forming Healthy Habits (7pm), Meet and Greet with the First-Gen Student Organization Executive Board (8pm)

Friday September 18th: Small group meetings (TBD), Crafting a personal Success Plan (7pm)