Gaby Tola

Photo of Gaby Tola

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
In the Fall of 2019, I will be a: 2nd Year
Academic School: Humanities & Sciences
Major: Writing
Minors and/or Concentrations: Creative Writing Concentration, Declared Latina Studies Minor, Prospective Vocal Performance Minor

What advice would you give new first-gen students?
Branch out your first year and create a supportive community for yourself! It's really easy to let the stress and weather get to you (especially if you're from a warmer area) but you will thank yourself so much when you allow yourself out of your room to experience life and build connections with others. There is a vast amount of clubs and organizations to be a part of and find your niche in and when you're overwhelmed or burnt out with academics, this will give you so much relief. Of course, always put yourself first and if you feel the need to prioritize alone/down time please do so! But don't forget that there are safe spaces on campus if you seek them out. Also, don't be scared to try classes out of your major and tend to your passions. Be sure to make friends with your professors and seek them during their office hours or simply participate in classes! These relationships will be very important when it comes to navigating your career path and they will be able to give you advice that family and friends can't due to their experience being in higher education.

Student Organizations, Clubs, or Athletic Teams you are a part of:
-Writer for IC Distinct
-Active member of Poder, IC Proud, Feminists United, IC Intercambios, Sister to Sister and Collegetown Records.
-Salsa Pa'lante Dance troupe member at Cornell University

Do you hold any leadership positions or other jobs on campus?
Secretary for Bold Scholar's new organization EMPOC (Encouraging Mental Health in People of Color), Co-event coordinator for First Generation Organization, Social Chair for Futures

Are you fluent in any other languages?
Fluent in Spanish and I have French proficiency.

If you had one extra hour a day, how would you spend it?
I’d dedicate extra time to work on my music and learn how to use Garageband better. Also I love to paint so I’d follow some Bob Ross tutorials or something.

Do you have any hidden talents?
My favorite party trick is reading people’s natal charts on the dance floor (I’ve been an astrology enthusiast since I was a kid, and I’ve been paid to read natal charts even so you know a girl experienced).

Favorite Ithaca-area restaurant/coffee shop/food location:
Chatty Cathy and Pokelava in College Town