Traditions and communal experiences to mark sophomore year and highlight to sophomore students the significance of sophomore year in their academic, professional, and vocational journey.

Explore vocation and life purpose to help students determine their path to career goals, life aspirations, and the practical steps and experiences (undergraduate research, internships, study aboard, leadership positions) to achieve these long-term goals. Commitment to major and the beginning stages of career identification are additional highlights of this exploration.

Self-exploration, sophomore students will engage in focused exploration of themselves and their places in the IC community, the greater Ithaca community, and the world.

Cultivate their sense of belonging at Ithaca College and feel confident to begin developing a network of connections both within their identity groups and branching out to other groups.

Exposure to diverse perspectives, allow space for students to build cultural humility, and learn how to better establish relationships with others that identify differently than themselves.