Nathan Wetzelberg

Orientation Appreciation of Service Award

Nathan Weltzeberg

These outstanding orientation staff members have dedicated at least two of their college summer experiences to guiding new and transfer students as they start their journey to becoming part of the Ithaca College community.

Each of you have directly made an impact by;

  • Enthusiastically welcoming over 3,400 new students and roughly 3,000 of their families and guests during check-in.
  • Positively influencing over 400 students through small group discussions, activities, debriefs, and schedule preparations.
  • Facilitating at least 40 formal icebreakers – because let’s face it, we know how to break the ice but the true measure of your unique contribution lives in the individual experience of each student, family member, and fellow staff member you have touched.

NSTP thanks Nathan for sharing your knowledge, your passion, and your talents with new students, their families and guest. Speaking for everyone on the orientation staff, your encouragement, investment, and dedication have made us all better versions of ourselves.