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IC in the Media

A sampling from media accounts that reference Ithaca College or quote members of the college community.

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Posted by Shannon Mazourek at 1:32PM

Diane Gayeski, dean of communications
Gayeski told the technology innovation website Patexia that people with learning disabilities may have trouble using the Internet to its fullest. “Dyslexics will have trouble scanning several different sources at once. This can prevent them from being part of the conversation,” she says. When asked if she thinks there is a way for the disabled to overcome this, Gayeski says “I’m not sure if there is… Text-to-speech readers can be very helpful when it comes to helping dyslexics process large blocks of text.” However, such technologies do little to help with the other side of the equation -- communicating back to the digital sphere.

Outlet: Patexia
Publication Date: January 14, 2012
Headline: "Bridging the digital divide"

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