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Posted by Shannon Mazourek at 10:37AM

Rachel Wagner, associate professor of philosophy and religion
Can video games play a role in bullying by schoolchildren? In an article picked up by Yahoo! News Wagner said that it does. “If we compare video games to rituals as similar kinds of interactive experiences that are meant to shape how we see ourselves and others in the world, then we can argue something more basic — that video games (like rituals) can teach people habits of encounter — and offer youth deeply problematic models of encounter with difference,” says Wagner, who adds that in her next book, she’ll argue that religion has always had the ability to be “played” like a game, a religious encounter she coins “shooter religion.”

Outlet: Yahoo! News
Publication Date: December 23, 2012
Headline: “Atheist kids and bullying: Just an Xbox and a football game away from redemption


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