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Sustainability Science and Global Warming


A consultant for businesses and other institutions implementing sustainability programs as well as an educator and researcher in sustainability science and global change biology, Jason Hamilton calls himself "a user friendly scientist." In his ecophysiological research, he studies how endangered insects are affected by climate change and elevated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and how those changes affect ecosystems. His ongoing work on the roles of leaf-eating insects in plant communities and how they affect global change scenarios has been reported in Germany's Der Spiegel and other international publications. A resource on the science and fundamental character of sustainability, he actively promotes community partnerships in those areas and is currently spearheading an initiative to start a local sustainability high school. He can speak on global warming issues, faculty training in sustainability, and fundamental interactions between natural systems and human societies.

Research Focus

  • Plant Ecophysiology
  • Global Change Biology
  • Sustainability Science

Curriculum Vitae for Jason Hamilton


University of California, Santa Barbara 
Ph.D Plant Ecology, 1997 

University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A Plant Ecology, 1993 

University of California, Santa Barbara 
Ph.D Physical Chemistry, 1991 

University of California, Santa Barbara 
M.A Physical Chemistry, 1987 

Grinnell College
B.A Chemistry, 1985