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Mara AlperTelevision & RadioMara Alper
Documentary Film making, Psychological Traumas, Women in Science


An award-winning media artist and filmmaker, Mara Alper has made two documentaries on the ways that victims of abuse and other traumas have managed to come to peace with their pain. Counselors, clergy, and therapists have screened and discussed her recent film, "Forgiveness," in prisons, community centers, mental health centers, and campus ministries. In addition to the psychology of forgiveness, Alper has a strong interest in the struggles of indigenous tribes of Mexico. In "Regeneration," a documentary in progress, she interviews people from various cultures to examine their experiences of growing older. In "First Tribes: The Huicholes of Mexico," another work in progress, Alper portrays indigenous people confronting forces that threaten their age-old culture. In conjunction with her interests in other cultures, she has also studied sacred dance from around the world. An advocate for women considering careers in science, she founded the Maria Mitchell Women in Science Award.

Research Focus

  • World mythologies and religions, particularly the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell
  • Sacred dance from around the world
  • Unique travel experiences in Europe, Asia and Central America

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New York University
M.A., Educational Theater, Summa Cum Laude

SUNY Binghamton
B.A., Theater/English, Magna Cum Laude