SpeechBarbara Johnson
Language Disorders in Children, Technologically Enriched Teaching strategies/ Causal chaining


A longtime teacher and scholar specializing in language disorders in children, Barbara Ann Johnson is also expert in technologically enriched teaching strategies. In addition to incorporating causal chaining, strategic management of attentional inertia, and other ground-breaking media enhancements into the classroom, Johnson researches the impact on learning outcomes between technologically enriched teaching strategies and more traditional methods.

Her book, "Language Disorders in Children," was one of the first in the discipline to include a detailed chapter on multicultural issues and a discussion of deafness from a cultural perspective. She teaches courses on Diagnosis and Appraisal in Speech-Language Pathology, Aural Rehabilitation, Clinical Phonology and Language Disorders. She has authored numerous articles and presentations on clinical supervision, supervisor workload practices, family-centered clinical practice, adult neurogenic language disorders, and learning disabilities.


"Language Disorders in Children: An Introductory Clinical Perspective" (Delmar, 1996; 381 pages)

"Supervisory workload policies and practices for university programs in communication disorders"

"Family-centered clinical practice"

"Unique auditory language-learning needs for hearing-impaired children"

"Behavioral data and early evaluation of treatment outcome"

"Slope and variability of performance on selected aphasia treatment tasks"

"The performance of learning disabled children on tests of auditory discrimination"