Carole DennisOccupational TherapyCarole Dennis
Effects of culture on healthcare, robotics in occupational therapy, treatment in motor impaired children


A licensed occupational therapist, Dennis’ expertise includes occupational therapy, infants and robotic mobility, and gross motor development in young children. 

For the past several years, she has been working on the development and outcomes of experiences with a robotic mobility device designed to provide independent movement to infants with disabilities. Dubbed “Tots on Bots,” this project is based on research that indicates that independent mobility in infants is associated with developmental growth in perception, cognition, social/communicative functions, and object interaction. Her view is that we should provide safe, assistive technology to allow infants with motor impairments to move about independently as early as is feasible.

Dennis also has a strong interest in the effects of culture on health and healthcare, and has taught occupational therapy in Sweden, Russia, and England and led short-term study abroad courses in the Dominican Republic. She has also participated in programs in Argentina and Ecuador.

She has taught courses related to the assessment and treatment of children (with particular emphasis on working with infants and toddlers and their families), research methods, healthcare and culture, and occupational science.

Research Focus

  • Assessment and treatment of children with motor impairment
  • Promoting mobility among mobility among children with motor impairments
  • Use of robotics in occupational therapy
  • Effects of culture on healthcare


"We have people who are going to live with what they’ve got forever. So the idea is, how can we make their lives better — how can we make them better contributors to society by looking at the environment and looking at assistive technology — which is really what our Wee Bot is, technology that assists someone with disabilities."

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Boston University

Sc.D., Doctor of Science, Therapeutic Studies, 1998

University of Connecticut

M.A., Special Education for Infants and Toddlers, 1989

University of New Hampshire

B.S., Occupational Therapy