Update from the Presidential Transition Team: May 9, 2017

Posted on behalf of Jason Freitag and Nancy Pringle, Transition Team Co-Chairs.

Greetings! The Presidential Transition Team has begun our work and has been meeting regularly over the last few weeks. We are developing a framework for transition events and strategies to help Dr. Collado learn our institutional history and culture, as well as our strengths, opportunities, and challenges.

Our transition team has representatives from a broad array of constituencies across campus, and we have used this breadth to bring a range of perspectives to our discussions. So far, we have identified two general categories for our activities: structural (related to the institutional structures of the college and crucial to the course of introducing Dr. Collado to the business of IC) and organic (providing a less structured and more open way for Dr. Collado and the IC community to come together).

The team recently had a video call with Dr Collado and reviewed our preliminary plans with her. She supports the approach we have adopted, and she was pleased that we were looking at various types of engagement. That conversation was very informative for the transition team, and we want to take this opportunity to share some reflections with you.

Dr. Collado asked that we think of ways to be nimble together, to be creative, and to be flexible. She enjoys hearing people’s stories and sitting with groups of people mixed across constituencies. She wants to hear all the voices of our community, and she particularly stressed that this includes students, faculty, and staff who would not normally be part of the regular governance councils or leadership voices. Engaging groups in warm, transparent, and organic ways is very much a part of her vision for her transition into the campus community. Finally, Dr. Collado asked that we, as a transition team, model how various constituencies can come together and interact openly and respectfully as members of a community working toward common goals.

The transition team is pleased to provide this summary of our work so far:

We have divided into the following four work groups geared toward engagement opportunities: Brown Bags; Social Events; Off-Campus Engagements; and Social Media,Video, and Communication. Here is how we are looking at the engagement events:

Brown-bag events will be groups of approximately 15 people and will cover a range of topics of interest to Dr. Collado. For example, she has suggested there be brown bag(s) designed for new faculty to the college. We are planning for brown-bags to take place in spaces across campus that normally would not be used to host such sessions, such as academic buildings, indoor athletic venues, or facilities spaces.

Social events will likely include things such as coffee hours, late-night conversations with pizza and soda, or receptions for larger groups. They will take place across the campus in areas that we are defining as our “neighborhood” gathering spaces, indoors and outdoors, so that Dr. Collado can get a sense of the beauty and personality of our campus.

Off-campus engagement opportunities will include plans for Dr. Collado to engage with our local community as well as with our alumni, parents, and friends outside the local area. We will build from plans that were initially outlined by the staff in the Division of Institutional Advancement and Communications and the the Office of the President, with additional input from the campus community.

Community Input Initiatives

From Wednesday, May 10 through Friday, May 12, sign boards will be placed throughout campus for soliciting quick input on the following questions:

  • What would you like to tell Dr. Collado?
  • What are positive things about IC?
  • What are areas that need attention?

These sign boards will be in the following locations:

  • Multicultural Student Lounge
  • Bulletin board in the main lobby of the Campus Center
  • Cafés in Park, Business, Dillingham, and HSHP
  • Near the stairway outside the sociology department in Muller Faculty Center
  • Facilities staff break room

We hope you will take a moment to go “old school” and write your thoughts as you pass by one of these boards. Additional opportunities will be available for students at select Senior Week activities as well as the annual employee picnic the week after commencement. The feedback will be collected and provided to Dr. Collado.

If you do not have the opportunity to pass any of these sign boards, please feel free to post your comments online at ithaca.edu/newpresident/feedbackform. Specifically, we hope you will provide your insights into what would be helpful for Dr. Collado to know as a newcomer to IC, including positive things, areas that need attention, or simply a message you would like to send.

Finally, please feel free at any time to reach out to any member of the transition team (listed below) to provide your feedback or ask questions about the transition process.

The transition team will be working throughout the summer to prepare for Dr Collado’s arrival in July. We will provide further updates as our work progresses, so please watch for emails and Intercom announcements in the weeks ahead.

Best regards,

Jason Freitag, Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Nancy Pringle, Senior Vice-President


Barb Belyea, Clinical Faculty, School of Health Science and Human Performance
Duncan Duke Garcia, Faculty, School of Business
Joanie Groome, Contingent Faculty, School of Health Science and Human Performance
Belisa Gonzalez, Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Jack Powers, Faculty, Roy H. Park School of Communications
Deborah Rifkin, Faculty, School of Music
Stan Seltzer, Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences


Nicole Eversley Bradwell, Director of Admission
Tim Carey, Associate Vice President, Facilities
Jennifer Campbell, Associate Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Communications
Danette Johnson, Vice Provost
Michele Lenhart, Director, Student Leadership and Involvement
Amanda Lippincott, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Eric Rosario, Director, Prospect Development/Leadership Gifts
Candy Ross, Senior Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
Ron Trunzo, Associate Director, Residential Life


Ezeka Allen ’19, School of Business
Matthew Clements ’20, School of Health Science and Human Performance
Evan Jones ’20, School of Humanities and Sciences
Theresa Landez ’19, School of Music
Carlie McClinsey ’19, Roy H. Park School of Communications