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Actors Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse Speak at Ithaca College as Part of 'Funny or Die' Series

ITHACA, NY — Using the motto “It’s All Possible,” actors Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse spoke to a classroom full of Ithaca College students this fall, to share their wisdom and a few laughs.

Franco and Mintz-Plasse served as “visiting professors” for the day at the Roy H. Park School of Communications, and spoke about the importance of creating unique and original material, tips on how to get into the industry, and how Funny or Die builds relationships with brands and its audience.

Their visit was part of a week-long road trip filmed by a 10-person crew from Funny or Die, the popular comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Each stop on their cross-country adventure highlighted a unique adventure from the from the duo’s bucket list. In addition to “teaching” a college class, they married a couple in Las Vegas, went sky-diving, and created the world’s largest deep dish pizza in Chicago.

To view the Funny or Die “It’s All Possible” episode featuring Franco and Mintz-Plasse’s guest lecture at Ithaca College click here.