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Ithaca College Board of Trustees Sets Tuition for 2013-14

ITHACA, NY — At its February meeting, the Ithaca College Board of Trustees approved a budget that features the smallest percentage increase in tuition in more than four decades.

For 2013–14, Ithaca College tuition will be $38,400, with charges for the standard room and board plan at $13,900, bringing the total cost to $52,300. The 3.8% tuition rise represents the lowest rate of increase since 1969–70.

In a letter to parents announcing next year’s charges, Ithaca College president Tom Rochon noted that considerable diligence was employed in determining how best to allocate resources to meet academic needs and priorities.

“The balance between providing an excellent educational environment and remaining affordable for students and their families is not an easy one to maintain,” he wrote. “Especially in this economic climate, it is critical that we continually demonstrate the value of the Ithaca College experience, which means consistently increasing the quality of that experience while at the same time controlling our costs.”

To provide some context, accompanying the letter was a chart showing the current tuition charges at a group of 20 private colleges and universities with which Ithaca annually compares itself. Ithaca’s tuition for 2013–14 is still lower than the current tuition at all but three of those institutions.

Rochon pointed out that the college’s commitment to affordability is also signaled by the inclusion in the budget of nearly $87 million for institutional financial aid, the highest amount ever.

“That we currently provide exceptional value is indicated by our inclusion once again by ‘U.S. News and World Report’ on its list of the top 10 ‘best buys’ among colleges and universities in the region,” wrote Rochon. “The Princeton Review’s ‘Best 377 Colleges’ and the ‘Fiske Guide to Colleges’ have also listed IC in their annual rankings, and I am particularly proud that ‘Washington Monthly’ named us as one of the top 50 higher education institutions in the country that contribute to the public good.”