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Ithaca College Faculty Member to Accept National Technology Leadership Award

ITHACA, NY — Dani Novak, associate professor of mathematics at Ithaca College, will accept the National Technology Leadership Coalition’s Technology in Education Award at the organization’s annual summit in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 30. Given annually, the award recognizes a significant contribution that advances the effective use of technology in education. Novak will accept the award on behalf of this year’s winner, GeoGebra, a free, hands-on mathematics software application that allows students to interactively discover mathematical concepts and the relationships among them. In addition to coauthoring the National Science Foundation grant that sponsored the first North American GeoGebra Conference held last July at Ithaca College, Novak chairs the GeoGebra Institute of Ithaca, one of 39 GeoGebra Institutes worldwide.

“An active learning environment developed in Austria, GeoGebra is powerful, interactive software with which to learn mathematics,” Novak said. “In addition to helping students learn mathematics in a way that is exciting and approachable, GeoGebra also strengthens the National Science Foundation’s commitment to improve the teaching of science, technology and mathematics in America’s elementary, middle and high schools.”

Many mathematics teachers in this country are aware of commercial software for dynamic mathematics, Novak added, but due to their expensive licenses and limited accessibility, commercial software packages have hindered the teachers’ and students’ access to these programs.

“GeoGebra is not only free but very easy and natural to use because it was designed and programmed by teachers for teachers,” Novak said. “GeoGebra is available on any OS platform, including Windows, Linux and Mac, and teachers and students can freely download it, use it and upload worksheets and designs.”

The National Technology Leadership Coalition was established to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary dialog between educational technology associations and teacher educator associations. The coalition’s annual summit brings together national leaders from educational associations, as well as editors of educational technology journals, directors of nonprofit foundations, federal policy makers and corporate representatives. Recommendations and guidelines emerging from the summit are published in a range of educational technology journals and are featured on the programs of educational conferences.

GeoGebra is currently used in 190 countries and has been translated into 47 languages. For more information, visit