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Ithaca College Board of Trustees Sets Tuition for 201415

ITHACA, NY — At its February meeting, the Ithaca College Board of Trustees approved a budget that features the smallest percentage increase in tuition in nearly 50 years.

For 2014–15, Ithaca College tuition will be $39,532, with charges for the standard room and board plan at $14,332, bringing the total cost to $53,864. The 2.95% tuition increase is the lowest since 1965.

In a letter to parents announcing next year’s charges, Ithaca College President Tom Rochon noted that the rate of tuition increase has been cut in half in comparison to the rate from six years ago, and that the college’s commitment to remaining affordable is underscored by its inclusion in the budget for next year of over $100 million for institutional financial aid, the highest amount ever.

To provide some context, the letter included a chart showing how Ithaca College’s tuition for next year compares to this year’s tuition charges for the 15 private colleges and universities with which Ithaca has significant application overlap. Ithaca’s 2014–15 tuition is still lower than the current tuition at a majority of those institutions.

Rochon pointed out that while some colleges and universities have cut back on spending for facilities and technology in response to difficult economic conditions, Ithaca College has taken a different approach by investing in the human and capital resources that translate into educational quality.

“Robust support from donors, increasing prospective student applications and the adoption of an innovative core curriculum have resulted in an institutional momentum that has allowed us to simultaneously upgrade our programs and facilities for teaching and learning while reducing yearly cost increases and contributing more to student financial aid,” Rochon wrote.