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Ithaca College Student Research Featured At Whalen Symposium

      ITHACA, NY—The 12th annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium will once again highlight original research and creative works done by Ithaca College students in collaboration with faculty sponsors.

Scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 8, the symposium provides students with the opportunity to present the results of course work, independent studies, research projects, seminars and honors projects and to present their original creative work in the arts. Over 160 presentations involving work by more than 250 students will constitute the program, which will be held in locations throughout the Campus Center. The event is free and open to the public.

The range of the presentations is obvious from a small sampling of titles:

  • “Losers, Jerks, and Idiots: A Longitudinal Study of Put-Downs, Name-Calling, and Relational Aggression on Television Shows for Children and Teens”
  • “Constitutionality of the Right to Bear Arms: The Evolution of the 2nd Amendment”
  • “What’s the Matter with Tweens Today? Growing up in an American Consumerist Society”
  • “Global Warming and the Girl Scouts”
  • “The Efficiency of the NFL Betting Market”
  • “The Supply of MDs: Future Shortages and the Implications for Patient Care”
  • “Islamic Contribution to Math: Al Khwarizimi’s Completing the Square”
  • “Compost Thermal Heating: Drawing Energy From a Compost Pile
  • “How to Make an Invisibility Cloak”
  • “Sensation Seeking and Psychostimulant Drug Use”

 Named after the late president emeritus of Ithaca College, the James J. Whalen Academic Symposium celebrates the tradition of student and faculty collaboration in research and creative activity at Ithaca College and the continuing support that President Whalen provided for this work during his presidency from 1975 to 1997.

 A complete list of presenters, projects, and faculty sponsors—along with any updates to the schedule—is available at