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Launch NY Names Ithaca College’s Tim Reynolds Entrepreneur of the Week

Tim Reynolds, a physical therapy doctoral student at Ithaca College, earned Entrepreneur of the Week honors from Launch NY in February.

Launch NY recognized Reynolds for his development of two health and fitness products: a rehabilitation innersole that detects weight-bearing forces and helps patients with lower extremity injuries maintain a partial weight-bearing status during recovery and the KettleShell, an adapter that transforms any standard dumbbell into a kettlebell.

“Kettlebells are spherical weights with a curved handle to accommodate a two-handed grip,” Reynolds said. “They combine strength, cardio and flexibility training into a single workout. But an entire set costs hundreds of dollars and takes up a lot of floor space.”

With the help of two faculty members in the Department of Physical Therapy, Reynolds and a friend designed a clasp with a handle shaped like a subway strap, which he has dubbed the KettleShell. Securing the clasp around a dumbbell bar of any weight transforms it into a kettlebell. The KettleShell increases the versatility of pre-existing weight-lifting equipment and saves the user money and floor space.

Reynolds’s interest in entrepreneurialism stemmed from his participation in the Ithaca College Business Idea Competition in the fall of 2011. He developed the rehabilitation innersole that led to the establishment of his company InteliStep, LLC, and a gateway to KettleShell.

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