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Ithaca College Professor Publishes German Textbook

 ITHACA, NY — James Pfrehm, an assistant professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Ithaca College, recently published “Kunterbunt und Kurz Geschrieben,” an intermediate-level German textbook.

Released by Yale University Press, the book can be used as either the main text in a conversation course or a supplementary text in an intermediate grammar review course. Pfrehm’s innovative approach includes text and audio podcasts of German short stories that are distinctly different from canonical texts studied in upper-level courses. Some of the features of the book include topical, engaging and often humorous modern short stories; a grammar activity in each chapter; and video podcasts of short stories created by Pfrehm.

Pfrehm holds an M.A. in German literature from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in sociolinguistics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has given a number of presentations and workshops on the use of technology in language instruction.