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African Student Association Campaign to ‘Fight the Stereotype’ Aims to Educate About Africa

Perhaps you’ve seen the campaign by now, spreading across the Internet over the past month: photos of young women and men draped in the flags of the nations of Africa, each image accompanied by a phrase. Their friendly expressions contrast the straightforward and sometimes blunt message of the text: “Africans are not primitive or backwards,” or “Africa is not a land filled with diseases.”

What you may not be aware of, if you came across the images on a site like Tumblr – where they have been liked and reblogged over 110,000 times so far – is that “The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype” campaign originated with the African Student Association at Ithaca College.  It was spurred by a desire to confront mistaken, sometimes egregious notions of what Africa is – and isn’t.

The students first posted the images to CNN’s iReport in late January. A few weeks later, CNN picked it up with an online article for their African Voices coverage. And aside from making the rounds on Twitter and Tumblr, it’s also appeared on Buzzfeed, USAToday College, the Global Week in Review on, and Clutch Magazine.

Click any of the links above for more on the student’s efforts, and visit the Ithaca College African Student Association’s Facebook page to show your support and see where else the campaign is earning attention.