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Ithaca College Student Publication Gets the Story Behind the Face of 'Time' Magazine's Person of the Year

 ITHACA, NY — A publication produced by students at Ithaca College contains an extensive interview with Sarah Mason, whose face inspired the cover of “Time” magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue. Artist Shepard Fairey designed the cover, basing the representation on a snapshot taken by “LA Weekly” photographer Ted Soqui.

When “Time” unveiled its issue naming “The Protester” as person of the year, illustrating the story was an image of an anonymous protester wearing a hat and with a bandana obscuring her face. It was soon learned that her name was Sarah Mason, a 25 year old who had set up camp as part of the Occupy Los Angeles movement.

When the media wanted to know more about the inspiration for this iconic image, many of them turned to “360 Magazine,” which contained an extensive interview with Mason conducted prior to the appearance of her image on the cover of “Time.”

Titled “Chained Up,” the article by Cady Lang was posted online the same week that the “Time” story came out and can be read at

Produced by students at Ithaca College, “360 Magazine” focuses each issue on a particular theme. The subject of the most recent issue — debt — included the article by Lang, who interviewed Mason about the motivation behind her involvement in Occupy L.A.

A sophomore majoring in journalism in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, Lang is an editor for “360 Magazine” and has also written for Ithaca College publications “Buzzsaw Magazine” and “The Ithacan.” She serves on the executive board of the Asian American Alliance student organization and volunteers locally with the Family Reading Partnership, Longview Literary Circle and South Hill Elementary School.

For more information on Lang and her interview with Sarah Mason, contact her at