Staying on Campus for NYSACAC 2012? Top 10 Things to Pack

If you're signed up to stay in the on-campus housing at Ithaca College for this year's conference -- and even if you're not -- here are 10 items you don't want to leave at home to make the most of your experience:

  1. Alarm Clock - To make sure you are on time for every event!
  2. Workout Clothes - The Ithaca College Fitness Center will be available to you every day.
  3. Bathing Suit - The outdoor pool will also be open, weather permitting.
  4. No Change - Parking is free, and so are the laundry rooms in each building.
  5. Extra Pillow - One will be provided, but if you are looking for all the comforts of home, why not bring some of home with you?
  6. Clothes Hangers - Our dorm room closets don't come with any, so be prepared.
  7. Iron (ironing boards are available in each residence hall's laundry room) - After all, we do have a "Press" related theme this year!
  8. Small Fan - We have placed an order for 78 degree days, but hey, you never know...
  9. Toiletries - Especially if you are presenting!
  10. Your Island Colors and Hollywood Glam - take part in our evening social theme nights with bright colors or your favorite tropical attire for Wednesday night's "In Living Color" theme, and Thursday night's "Hollywood Boulevard" theme calls for your best black and white.