Online Learning @ IC

Taking Courses Online

Ithaca College online classes are as close as your computer. Enroll in courses that earn the same credits as classroom courses and that are taught interactively by Ithaca College faculty.

Online courses are delivered using Sakai. You will need to have regular access to the Internet and email to participate. Contact the faculty member for specific information about each course.

Refer to HomerConnect for course descriptions. Courses are noted as "online" or "lecture" in the course schedules. A "hybrid" course is one that relies on both online and lecture teaching methods.

Online Class FAQs

Do I have to log-in to the course at a set time?

Most online courses are asynchronous and allow you to participate at a time that's convenient for you.

Will I get to know other people in my course?

For most online courses, you will never meet in person, relationships develop online.

Will I get to talk?

Many online courses use features such as e-mail and discussion boards to exchange thoughts and questions. Some courses will use voice and video technologies too. This means that if you're used to talking in class, you will still have a voice and if you are usually more reserved in a class, you may find yourself really opening up in an online course now that you have the chance to reflect and then respond to course material.

How much reading is involved?

The amount of reading for an online course varies for each course, but courses taught online traditionally deliver most materials and directions through a written format.

Is online learning right for me?

Are you comfortable making and following a study plan to stay on track? Self-motivated learners are a perfect fit for online courses. Remember that any tendency to fall behind will be multiplied in the summer when classes are only two and five weeks long.