OAOA Services and Protocols for Fall 2021

Our office is currently open to all during our office hours

Understand the following expectations if you come to OAOA in person this semester

  • All students and staff are committed to following the Community Agreement. Our ability to offer in person service is dependent on all of us keeping one another as safe as possible. We expect all who utilize the OAOA space to be respectful, responsible, and cooperate with safety protocols and the following procedures.

Flexibility and changes

Should there need to be a change in hours, closure, or other disruption, notification will be sent to directly impacted staff and students as quickly as possible via email and text. Information regarding closure will be sent via email and posted on Teams to all program students & staff. 

With our staff following hybrid work schedule, we may have times when there is not an alternative person for staffing. If closure occurs by the guidance of Hammond Health/Human Resources/Health & Safety Committee, (e.g., a known COVID-19 exposure) we will follow their instructions for communication. Please keep in mind that health information is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), so we will take actions consistent with the safety of the community and honor the privacy of infected and/or exposed individuals.

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Maintaining health and safety

We expect that everyone will pitch in to keep one another safe and minimize risks. Whenever possible we’ll support you to adjust to the services procedures listed here. However, if safety expectations are consistently or intentionally violated, we must take action to prioritize community well-being. The following interventions may result from repeated or egregious violations of these expectations: 

  • You may be asked respectfully by a professional or peer staff member to take action (e.g., properly put on a mask, wipe down a station after using it, etc)
  • You may be asked to have a conversation with the Director if behavior is repeatedly observed. If resolution cannot be reached, you may be disallowed to use the OAOA space.
  • In accordance with the Community Agreement, community members are obligated to report incidents which jeopardize the health and safety of others on the Community Agreement Reporting form.