Academic Policies Committee

The charge of the Academic Policies Committee (APC) is to review, maintain, and improve policies and procedures affecting academic policy and curriculum at Ithaca College. 


Deadlines for revisions to be submitted to APC-C for inclusion in the Fall 2023 catalog:

  • For program revisions requiring NYSED submission, complete program revision proposal packages must be submitted from the Schools by October 31.
  • For all other programs, complete program revision proposal packages must be submitted from the Schools preferably by January 25, and no later than February 15.
  • Requests for extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Associate Dean rep to APC should be in touch with the Associate Provost and APC-C Chair as soon as it becomes clear that an extension is needed, so an acceptable submission date can be determined.

NOTE: Programs requiring NYSED submission may be placed on an APC-C agenda and reviewed before other programs, even if the packages are received by APC-C in a different order.

Due to the volume of curriculum submissions expected this year, it will help APC-C manage its workload if school curriculum committees submit complete packages to APC-C as early in the fall semester as possible.

Proposals are due the Tuesday before the agenda is posted. Agendas are posted a week before the scheduled meeting.


file-outline APC Meeting Calendar - APC Meeting Calendar 2022-2023.pdf (46.34 KB)

Curriculum Proposal Links

*For detailed instructions please download the Courseleaf Online Curriculum Management System document.

CourseLeaf Console for viewing proposals and creating reports/agendas

Academic Policies Committee 2022-2023 Agendas and Minutes

All 2022-2023 curricular revisions, additions, and deletions reviewed by the Academic Policies Committee can be found in the folders linked below. 



APC 2022-2023 Membership

Sara Haefeli, APC Full Chair

Marc Webster, Policy Subcommittee

Chrystyna Dali, Assessment Subcommittee 

Scott Erickson, Curriculum Subcommittee Chair

TBD, Policy Subcommittee

TBD, Assessment Subcommittee 

Julie Blumberg, Policy Subcommittee Chair

TBD, Curriculum Subcommittee

TBD, Assessment Subcommittee

TBD, Curriculum Subcommittee

Jennifer McKeon, Policy Subcommittee

Kimberly Wilkinson, Assessment Subcommittee 

TBD, Curriculum Subcommittee

TBD, Policy Subcommittee

TBD, Assessment Subcommittee 

TBD, Term Expires 2022-2023 (1 year)

TBD, Curriculum Subcommittee

Beatrice Olesko, Assessment Subcommittee

Sharon Stansfield, Policy Subcommittee

TBD, School of Business Senator, Curriculum Subcommittee

Carolos Abreu (Ex-Officio), V.P. of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Subcommittee

TBD, School of HSHP Senator, Policy Subcommittee

TBD, School of Communications Senator, Curriculum Subcommittee

TBD, School of Humanities & Sciences Senator, Policy Subcommittee

TBD, School of Music, Curriculum Subcommittee

Amy Falkner, Dean, Roy H. Park School of Communications

Linda Petrosino, Dean, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Anne Hogan, Dean, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Michael Johnson-Cramer, Dean, School of Business

Claire Gleitman, School of Humanities and Sciences 

Dawn Kline, Associate DeanSchool Business

Rob Gearhart, Associate Dean, School of Communications

David Brown, Senior Associate Dean, Curriculum and Undergraduate Programs, School of Humanities and Sciences

Ivy Walz, Associate Dean, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Jana Waller, Associate DeanSchool of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Susan Adams Delaney, ICC Director 

Michelle Millet, College Librarian 

Stacia Zabusky, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Brendan Murday, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Vikki Levine, Registrar

Kate Miller, Assistant Registrar

Carolos Abreu, V.P. of Academics / SGA

Support Staff: Zaira Sylvain, Office of the Provost

Academic Program Review

The committee meets to ensure program assessment requirements are being met and to provide information for budgeting and planning. Click the link below for additional information and guidance regarding the Academic Program Review process. 


Please feel free to contact your school's APC representative, Associate Dean, and/or email APC directly.