Academic Program Review

The purpose of the academic program review is to ensure the continuing quality and strength of academic programs, meet the program assessment requirements of our various accrediting agencies, and provide an information base for institutional budgeting and planning processes.

Academic Program Review Guidelines

The following documents provide guidance for departments undergoing Academic Program Review in 2022-2023.

Identifying, Nominating, and Preparing External Evaluators

Departments are responsible for identifying potential external evaluators and will nominate academic peers who possess relevant disciplinary expertise and academic/professional qualifications as possible reviewers of their program(s). Additionally, the department chair will help the selected evaluators understand the College's expectations for the external review.

The following resources are designed to support departments as they engage with this process.

Document List:

Access the Academic Program Review Seven-Year Calendar.

Program Review Meetings 2022-2023

Meetings of the APC Subcommittee Examining Academic Program Reviews are aligned with the scheduling of the APC standing Committee/subcommittees.

Please see the Academic policies committee website for the anticipated meeting schedule.