Teaching Resource Allocation Committee (TRAC)

TRAC advises the Provost on the allocation of continuing faculty (TE/T/NTEN) positions. As continuing faculty retire or vacate their positions, in most cases the vacated positions return to a college-wide pool for potential allocation. In the annual allocation process, departments submit requests for positions, and the Committee makes recommendations to the Provost regarding the prioritization of these requests.

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Voting members comprise the five Deans, three at-large faculty serving staggered 3-year terms, and one faculty appointed annually from APC

Nick Kowalczyk, Associate Professor, Department of Writing, School of Humanities and Sciences (at-large faculty, term expires 2023)

Julia Lapp, Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance (at-large faculty, term expires 2024)

Alison Shields, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, School of Business (at-large faculty, term expires 2025)

Sara Haefeli, Associate Professor, Department of Music Theory, History Composition, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (APC representative elected annually)

Linda Petrosino, Dean, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Anne Hogan, Dean, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Claire Gleitman, Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences

Michael Johnson-Cramer, Dean, School of Business

Amy Falkner, Dean, Park School of Communications

Claire Borch, Director, Office of Analytics and Institutional Research (non-voting member)

Brendan Murday, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs (non-voting member)

Requesting Continuing Faculty Positions

Please use the TRAC Position Request form (available here, though note that the Student:Faculty Ratio Dashboard will be uploaded around mid-November) via Dean’s offices at the applicable time of year) when seeking approval for a continuing (T, TE, or NTEN) position to search in the following academic year and start date in the year after that.  Requests to search in 2023-24 for faculty who would start in summer/fall 2024 are due to Dean's offices by Feb 15th 2023.  There are two circumstances where submission of this form is not required in order to be approved for a continuing faculty position:

  • If a tenure-eligible faculty member is unsuccessful in applying for tenure, the department will retain the line without needing approval through TRAC.
  • If a department fills a TE position with a faculty member who was already in an NTEN appointment, the department will retain the NTEN line without needing approval through TRAC.