Tenure, Reappointment and Promotion

Information regarding tenure is set forth in section 4.9.3 of Volume IV of the Ithaca College Policy Manual: 

Continuous appointments at the College are given to faculty members who have attained tenured status (see section 4.13). Faculty members employed under a continuous appointment are entitled to annual contract renewal and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of employment specified in Volume IV of the Ithaca College Policy Manual in effect at the time of each annual renewal by the College, unless separated pursuant to any subsections of section 4.15.

Relevant Policy Manual Links: 

1. Policy Manual Volume IV section 4.13.02 All-College Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee

2. Policy Manual Volume IV section 4.12.1 Evaluation of Faculty

Criteria for Promotion and Tenure

At the College, the only criteria for tenure and promotion are those stated in the Ithaca College Policy Manual. Primary among these is teaching excellence. Another important criterion is a record of scholarly/professional attainment. A third criterion is service to the institution.

Attainment of the appropriate terminal degree or its professional equivalent is necessary but not sufficient for either tenure or promotion. For appointments to certain professional, technical, and artistic fields, commensurate preparation for appointment to a given rank may be recognized. Any additional exceptions to these criteria must be set forth in the letter of appointment and agreed to by the faculty member, planning unit, dean, provost/VPAA, and president. In addition to the qualifications of the individual faculty member, reappointment and tenure are subject to the long-range curricular and staffing needs of the College as specified in the previously approved staffing plans.

A candidate for tenure is expected to fulfill the criteria specified for promotion to associate professor. A candidate for tenure who was appointed at the rank of professor is expected to fulfill the criteria for promotion to professor. A tenure-eligible notice faculty member holding the rank of assistant or associate professor normally is not promoted prior to the tenure review. However, faculty who have held non-tenure-eligible notice appointments in a school at Ithaca College, and who currently hold a tenure-eligible notice appointment (without interruption) are eligible for promotion under the same rules which would have applied had they continued in non-tenure-eligible notice appointments.

Procedures for Tenure and/or Promotion

An initial review will be conducted by the planning unit unless the approved school procedures call for an initial review by a school committee. If the initial review is conducted by the planning unit, a supplementary review will be conducted by a school committee provided that such is established in the approved procedures. Each candidate's application for tenure and/or promotion will be reviewed by a committee or committees in accordance with approved procedures.

Tenure and/or promotion shall be granted only to faculty who have fulfilled all the prescribed requirements and whose credentials have been duly reviewed by the faculty of the planning unit (where appropriate), the chair (where appropriate), as well as the dean, the All-College Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee, the provost/VPAA, and the president. The president presents all recommendations, including the president's own, to the Ithaca College Board of Trustees.

Faculty Review Dates for 2019-2020:

Please note the following timelines for submitting faculty review files to the Office of the Provost.



NTENs whole appointments are ending on May 31, 2020 October 1, 2019
Tenure and Tenure/Promotion  October 28, 2019
Promotion Only December 13, 2019
Recommendation for Emeritus/Emerita, SAB/LOA December 13, 2019
2nd/4th/Mid-Year Reviews  March 1, 2020
NTEN in Penultimate Year of Current Appointment April 1, 2020