General Questions

Is the Office of Student Engagement open?

OSE will be open for in-person interaction at the front desk from 11:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday, beginning on February 8. Students can pop in to ask questions, pick up or drop off transaction materials for student organizations, or schedule a virtual appointment with a professional staff member or Student Leadership Consultant.  All meetings that typically would have taken place in-person will be held online during the Spring 2021 semester, for health and safety reasons. 

What is a Student Leadership Consultant?

Student Leadership Consultants (SLCs) are our student employees in OSE. SLCs are an amazing team of students who help our office run smoothly and provide the best programs we can offer. SLCs are also available every weekday to answer any questions you have. Meet the SLCS!

Student Organizations

Are student organizations active this semester?

Absolutely! The Office of Student Engagement recognizes around 200 student organizations annually and this year is no different. We encourage students who are interested in joining a club to explore IC Engage, as every organization has their own profile where you can message the organization directly to find out more about it.  

Is it possible to start a new student organization?

Yes! Our New Student Organization Recognition Team is here to help. Send an e-mail to ose@ithaca.edu to set up a meeting with the NSOR team to get the process started.  

Will all student organizations meet virtually in Spring 2021?

Student organizations will be encouraged to meet virtually for the Spring semester for programs and events. Reach out to studentorgs@ithaca.edu with any questions about how to join an organization! 

Can student organizations have weekly meetings in person?

The Office of Student Engagement is working hard to create new, innovative ways to assist student organizations with recruiting new members and promoting themselves while keeping students’ health and safety at the center of our work. Student organizations will be encouraged to meet virtually for the Spring semester. For tips or strategies of how to engage with your organization in a virtual space, reach out to studentorgs@ithaca.edu for support! 

Will the SAC be open to students? If so, what will the hours be, and what services will be offered (such as printing, materials for club promotion such as board games, poster board, glue, markers, scissors, etc)?

The Student Activities Center (3rd floor of the Campus Center) will be open for student use during the hours of 11 am – 7 pm Monday through Friday. The space can be accessed through the main Office of Student Engagement doors. An online reservation system will be available for student organizations to request to utilize the physical space within the SAC which will be available on our website once students are back on campus. Sign-ups will be available in 2-hour time slots. Students will have full access to the space including utilization of the supply closet, printer, cricuit and leadership library items. Students can always call the SAC directly with any questions: (607) 274-3377. 

Will there be events on campus?

While we are encouraging student organizations to host their programs online, there may be opportunities throughout the semester where students can provide some in-person experiences. As guidelines as continually changing, we encourage student organizations to reach out to ose@ithaca.edu 

Will funding be available this semester for online programming for recognized student organizations?

Yes, the Student Governance Council Appropriations Committee will be accepting funding requests this semester. Click here to access the Student Governance Council’s website

Will IC be offering a Senior Week Program after finals?

The Senior Week committee is working on plans for a safe and celebratory Senior Week 2021. If you have any questions regarding Senior Week, please contact the planning team at seniorweek@ithaca.edu

Leadership Programs

What types of programming will OSE be offering for the Spring 2021 semester?

There will be dozens of virtual leadership workshops offered to all IC students through the Student Leadership Institute. These include Leading @IC workshops for student organization leaders, skill-enhancing workshops for any interested students, and collaboration with other departments offering workshops for SLI credit! OSE is offering special series of workshops for first-year students in February, women leaders in March, and more! 

Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, there will be no in-person community service programs offered during the Spring 2021 semester. However, students can stay informed about the latest opportunities available locally and globally by signing up for the virtual volunteer listserv to receive our newsletter every other week or click here to visit our virtual volunteering page.

More questions about Student Leadership Institute?

The SLI Team can be reached at leadership@ithaca.edu or register for sessions on our SLI Engage page

Community Service

How do students keep up to date on volunteer opportunities?

We have a list serve for students to subscribe to that provides up to date opportunities.  Click here to register for our volunteer listserv to receive additional information about remote community service opportunities.  

Will there be opportunities to do community service?

While the Office of Student Engagement is unable to host any Alternative Break or Service Saturday programs this year, we encourage students to continue their service efforts locally in their own communities! Click here to visit our virtual volunteering page for more resources.