1. Attend a Student Organization Request-to-Travel Meeting

Schedule and attend a Student Organization Request-to-Travel Meeting with the SLC Travel Coordination Specialist in OSE. YOU ARE REQUIRED to have this meeting AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS (in-session/breaks not included) BEFORE your intended departure date OR EVEN FARTHER IN ADVANCE IF YOU WILL NEED ASSISTANCE BOOKING/PAYING FOR any travel accommodations, including airfare, hotels, registration TO MEET EARLY REGISTRATION OR BEST AIRFARE RATE TIMELINES. The trip coordinator must be the one meeting with OSE and be the liaison between their organization and OSE. The purpose of this meeting is to let us know a little about the travel your planning and share any known trip details. We will also:

  • Walk through the travel authorization process together
  • Review necessary next steps based on your travel plans

2. Finalize Travel Logistics

After your meeting with the SLC Travel Specialist, your focus should be finalizing all the details of your travel including:

  • Destination, dates, and purpose
  • Travel roster
  • Travel accommodations
    • Transportation
    • Lodging*
    • Meals
    • Registration

      * Hotels/motels, and retreat centers are approved lodging accommodations due to risk-liability levels are lowest, however trips choosing to use home stays as their lodging may be approved but only with the collection of additional, detailed information and documented understanding the trips risk-liability level increases and shifts from Ithaca College to the hosting homeowner(s). 

  • Funding: complete the Student Organization Travel Final Budget template located on Engage
  • Travel health and safety plan
  • Obtain Advisor's Approval

3. Complete the Travel Authorization Form

Submit a Travel Authorization Form (TAF) via Engage NO LESS THAN SIX WEEKS BEFORE your intended departure date with all finalized travel logistics. The trip coordinator who attended the Request-to-Travel meeting must be submitting the TAF.

  • Travel Credit Card - When you select ‘yes’ for wanting a travel credit card to use during travel, the submitter will still also need to submit a Spending Request Form and choose the option "Request a travel credit card" on Engage. We have a limited number of credit cards, that are given on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Driving Ithaca College Owned and Rented Vehicles - When you select ‘yes’ for wanting to rent an Ithaca College vehicle or a vehicle from an outside provider, the submitter will still also need to submit a Vehicle Request Form (for OSE student organizations only) on Engage. Please review the policies for driving college owned and rented vehicles.

5. Travelers fill out Traveler Participation Forms

*All travelers must submit a Travel Participation Form on Engage before your trip will be authorized.

6. Receive Authorization to Travel from OSE

All TAFs are received by the Student Organization Business Coordinator in OSE. Once reviewed, the submitter will receive a notification email via Engage indicating the TAF has been:

  • Approved = authorized to travel
  • Denied = not authorized to travel

ONCE THE TAF IS APPROVED, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is sent a notification that students in your student organization are traveling outside of Ithaca on college business. Your student organization advisor is also emailed a PDF of the approved TAF and a copy of the notification sent to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

7. Begin Making Travel Arrangements

Student organization trip coordinator(s) may now proceed with making travel arrangements using their student organization account funds. AT THIS STEP IS WHEN OSE MAY BE ABLE TO ASSIST W/ PAYING for travel accommodations with their existing organization's funds. 

The Student Organizations Business Coordinator or travel coordination specialist may assist in booking travel arrangements. In order to do so, please fill out a Spending Request Form and attach the supporting documentation resource for requesting payment for travel accommodations, both found on Engage. Once you turn these forms in to OSE, the Student Organizations Business Coordinator can book and pay for travel accommodations for you.