Registrar, Office of the

Peggy Ryan Williams Center, Second Floor ~ 274-3127

E-Mail --
Fax ~ 274-1366

Vikki Levine, Registrar
TBD, Associate Registrar ~ 274-3127
Tinita Wheaton, Information Systems Manager ~ 274-3820
Cindy Clark, Assistant Registrar for Student Services ~ 274-1012
Kate Miller, Assistant Registrar for Curriculum Management ~ 274-1001
Holley Westbrook, Credit Evaluation Coordinator ~ 274-1210
Stu Fegely, Scheduling Coordinator ~ 274-3818
TBD, Certification Specialist ~ 274-3821
Alexander P. Peroulakis, Information Systems Specialist ~274-1823

See also Provost, Office of the

All telephone area codes are 607 unless otherwise noted.

The College's address is:

Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

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