Exchange Programs

Ithaca College has exchange agreements with a number of universities across the world. Admission to exchange programs is fairly competitive, as there are a limited number of places available each semester (typically no more than 1-2 places per exchange, per semester. Occasionally an exchange will be closed in a given semester, with or without prior notice – check with the OIP.). Exchange programs are very independent study abroad opportunities and students are directly enrolled in the host institution. The Office of International Programs at Ithaca will provide some guidance, but students are expected to make many arrangements for the semester abroad independently.

Requirements for acceptance into an exchange program include sophomore standing or above, a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of a 3.0 (3.2 for Singapore), and a good judicial record with the College.

When a student participates in an exchange program, no leave of absence is required. Students will be billed by Ithaca College for Ithaca College tuition and international health/travel insurance. Airfare/travel expenses are arranged and paid for by each individual student. Once students arrive at their destination, they will pay for room and board (as determined by the exchange partner). All courses and grades are guaranteed to transfer and will appear on the student's Ithaca College transcript. Typically, applications are due the semester before a student plans to be abroad.